The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad isah and Comfort Okpere

When leaders take personal accountability, they are willing to answer for the outcomes of their choices, their behaviors, and their actions in all situations in which they are involved. Accountable leaders do not blame others when things go in a wrong way. Rather, they make things right – they are fixers. Accountable leaders build an accurate understanding of their organization – where it excels and where it has opportunity. Accountable leaders step up to champion opportunities to succeed. Accountable leaders question the decisions and processes that shape your organization. They ask questions and they find answers – the best answers. This inspired our dear Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah making today’s program the accountability day for our leader.

The former governor of Kogi State

For the purpose of accountability the former governor of Kogi Sate His excellency Idris Wadda was in Brekete Family studio to get a response from the present governor which was absent and the Ordinary President in his wisdom excuse the former governor from the studio because the present governor was absent and a call was placed to him with no response.

A Complainant

There were two important cases treated today by the Ordinary president which involves the man that use his personal ship to evacuate Nigerians from Liberia during the civil war outbreak in 1990’s but the Nigeria government are yet to fulfill their promises and also a man brought a case against NEMA because he was owed some amount of money which have not been paid.

A Complainant

The Ordinary President raise an alarm at the rate at which there are increase in insecurity  in the Federal Capital Territory and its environs and the Nigeria Police was implored to improve in their strategies to combat these criminals so that the society will be  save for all the inhabitant of the nation’s capital.

The Brekete Family

The representatives of  FCCPC issued a note of warning to the general public as regards to adulterated products being sold in our markets round the country and an advise was given to check what we buy very well and make sure it was from the right source.


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