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Today’s program started on a very smooth note as the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah advised on security issues as well as marital issues.
Personal security is very important and principal especially this heat period, parents are hereby advised to be watchful, vigilant and conscious of their environment and safeguard their properties from being theft, He said.

Marriages and relationships today are facing challenges that are unique to modern times. Relationships offer wonderful benefits for well-being, life satisfaction and stress management, but none are without their challenges.

These issues can put a strain on couple, but working through them can either strengthen their bond or push them apart, depending on how they handle the challenges they face. Working through marriage problems in a healthy way can be very difficult, nevertheless, respect and love is what keeps a relationship.

Some children do not have an iota of love and respect for their parents, sometimes i sit down and ask myself “is it the fault of the parents or is it the fault of the children or the society? This remain a conundrum as the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah asks.

Complainants are selected randomly to lay their complaints, the first case to be heard is that of former NEPA staff before privatization.

Mr. Lawal Abdul Magini who spoke on behalf of himself and 50,000 others said, after 5 years of privatization the Government is still owing them a huge amount of their entitlement.

According to him, it was published on Vanguard newspaper on the 22nd of September 2018 that their entitlement has been paid to the office of Accountant General of the Federation. A call is then put through to the Accountant General of the Federation for clarification and he promised to look into the matter and give a feedback asap.

Mr Lawal Abdul Magini

The second case is that of an elderly woman from Asaba, Delta state who claimed that some part of her land in Asaba has been sold to another person by an agent and construction works have started on the land already. The Ordinary President promised to assist her with three lawyers whom will handle her case and she shall get justice.

The woman from Asaba

The third case is that of a woman who is traumatized due to how gruesome her husband was murdered. She came seeking for help as she has to feed her 9 children including an adopted son.

The Ordinary President promised to empower her and just after he has promised, a good Samaritan whose name is withheld promised to marry her.

The widow who is traumatized

A male complainant whose hips and ribs got fractured and broken due to an accident narrated his story and his experience with a popular transport company.

“My name is Otunba Olufemi Samuel, i’m a business analyst and cyber security consultant. on the 7th of May 2018, i bought a ticket from God is Good motor park from Utako terminal scheduled to leave for Benin on the 8th of May.

The bus that was supposed to leave by 7:30 I ended up leaving by 9:00 am because we couldn’t find the driver whom has been over used and was reluctant to drive the bus. Unfortunately after some minutes into the journey we had an accident which claimed many life due to the driver’s reckless driving.

I was sitting in front beside the driver so he used my side of the bus to hit a tree saving himself and then the engine compressed me so much making me lose my hips and made my ribs fractured.

I was then rushed to a hospital in Kogi State where i was abandoned and spent 8 months at the orthopedic hospital, the transport company only came to visit me twice reluctantly. I have spent millions of Naira and I want justice because the transport company have not done the right thing.

Otunba Olufemi Samuel (middle)

A woman who was sent to Dr. Ogedengbe of Cedacrest Hospital amid tears thanked the Ordinary President for rescuing her at the time of distress and then give update on her health condition.

Tukubog Edubio, Assistant Director of Administration office of the Vice President and also the Presidential Liaison to Brekete Family Program gives update on pending issues as today’s program comes to an end.


  1. Comment:pls federal polytechnic Bida students needs der voice to be heard
    strike has been lingering d institution for months now,2018/19students have not written der final exams..


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