The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

It is a new week and of course, anyone who is alive has a million reasons to be appreciative of God’s love. If you don’t appreciate your life, you won’t appreciate the awesomeness of God and where He is taking you to.

Be sure He is taking you somewhere bigger than you can think or imagine. Life is the greatest gift given to us by God. As long as we are alive, we have new opportunities to amend our wrongs and retrace our steps.

Life is a school where it’s impossible to graduate. You graduate from other schools but in the school of life, you can’t because each day has a new syllabus, ideas, opportunities, and even challenges to tackle.

Whatever experiences one encounters in life, it’s important to know that nothing is absolute except God; that is, you can trust no one except God.


Two complainants who identified themselves as Timothy and Kenneth explained circumstances that led to their brother’s death. From their explanation, it was deduced that the late was allegedly killed as a result of an argument that ensued between himself and his neighbors over electricity bill.

On 18th July, 2019 at around 10 pm, three young men; Reuben Attah, Ehis, and Aminu walked into the house to disconnect his electricity. It was said that this action was a result of an initial agreement regarding the payment of electricity bills.

They always pay individually as residents of the community and give to AEDC officials until one day when they all could not afford to pay but the murdered man took it up to pay up.

Later, another bill was brought and he was asked to pay but he refused and said they should deduct it from what he had earlier paid to bail them out. They insisted that he pays else they will disconnect him.

Brekete Family.

On getting to his house that fateful day, he questioned them on why they should be the one to disconnect him and why they would come at an odd hour, one of them replied by asking what gut he had to challenge them.

At this moment, Rueben hit him with a plier on his left ear and on the cheek. While the struggle was on, Aminu stabbed him at the back of the neck. The three of them who were involved in the crime fled after the incident.

One of the brothers called for help and he was immediately rushed to Federal Medical Centre where they were told that reviving him was beyond them as he had lost a lot of blood and his artery was affected. These men were referred to National Hospital where the deceased was confirmed as dead on arrival

The brothers reported the case at the Life Camp Police station and later to the Police Headquarters and two IPO’s; Corporal Hussein and Inspector Paul were attached to them so that investigation can begin.

Brekete Family.

As the investigation went on, Reuben and Ehis were nabbed and arrested. A letter was written to the CP FCT. He endorsed the letter and it was addressed to the DC CID but unfortunately, the letter was declared missing. The family then informed Barrister Victor Giwa on the development and the report about the missing letter.

He intervened and wrote a letter to the CP and when they realized this intervention and the gravity, the letter was immediately located. The Lawyer ordered that an autopsy is carried out and that the Police should arrest and press charges against Aminu who carried out the dastardly act.

From then till now, he has been on the run and when his brother was arrested, the Police asked that he is released. At the moment, the Police are alleged to be negligent in their duty and trying to bury the case.

Kenneth said when he called the IPO attached to them to inform him of seeing one of the culprits, the IPO told him to go ahead to arrest him because he is not around and anyone can apprehend a culprit. The Nigeria Police Force has been appealed to ensure these people get justice for the murder of their brother.

NFF Complainants.

The Ordinary President acknowledged the presence of NFF officials and whistleblowers. He said earlier, he had a long conversation with the President of NFF who told him that he is also affected by the mismanagement going on in the organization.

He said he is in London and he is yet to get his accommodation allowance amongst other things. He also promised to furnish the Ordinary President with evidences at his return. According to him, he had at some point sacrificed his allowances to fund NFF which is quite credible.

The Ordinary President said the revelation would continue at the arrival of Shehu Dikko, Mr. Pinnick’s representative. But till the end of the program, there were no signs of Shehu Dikko so the third envelope was not opened.


Complaints have been tendered against the Nigeria Ports authority with regards to its inability to fulfill its promise of employment. Nahum Daniel Musa and Aboi Matthias said they were amongst the 720 that were admitted with employment into the Nigeria Ports Authority Training School in 2003.

They explained that on the 3rd of March, 2003, they received their letters of Admission/ Employment to the NPA training school where they will be for four years after which they will be posted to their work stations. They were placed on a JSS 3 salary structure and were paid N22, 000 monthly.

Office of the VP’s Response to the Petition.

In 2007, assumedly after the training, there was an increment and they were paid N30, 000 and enrolled in pension. The problem is that, from then till now, the ports authority has not gotten back to them as promised and several moves have not yielded a good result.

A petition was written by the Office of the Vice President and The National Assembly respectively but to no avail. The Ordinary President tried calling the Managing Director NPA, Hajia Hadiza Bala Usman but she didn’t pick her calls.

FCT Administration Officials.

Representatives from the FCT Minister’s office were around to clear the air on the rumored dispute between the office and Keke riders. Initially, speculations were raised that the FCT Administration intended to ban Keke operations in the FCT.

The officials assured that the administration has good intentions for every resident irrespective of the social class. And that it has no intention to scrap the operations but already established an agreement on their various areas of operations.

And on the part of the Keke operators, they have agreed not to breach the agreement and maintain the catchment areas given to them for operations. They were also warned against perpetrating evils using Keke.

Representatives of Keke Riders.

If found wanting, the culprit will be brought to book. As a proof of commitment to commercial transporters, the FCT administration gave twenty (20) taxis to keke riders to aid and equip them for business.

The Keke riders were duly represented by Pius Onyekachi and Sanusi Usman. Mr. Pius expressed gratitude and said he understands what many of the Keke riders involve in but they have warned against that and are ready to bring to book anyone found wanting of credible character.

The Ordinary President appreciated the Police and urged them to work hand in hand so that nabbing these evil ones will be easier.

Blessing Ukeamaka.

Ona Blessing Ukamaka who is reclined to a wheelchair has benefitted greatly from the Ordinary President. Today can be described as her luckiest day.

She was in the Eastern part of Nigeria when Excellence, a Human Rights Radio correspondent shared her pathetic story which moved the Ordinary President to request that she comes to Abuja for a checkup, possibly for treatment.

As fate would have it, Dr. Ogedengbe said that instead of funding the surgery which in the long run might not be successful, the money should be diverted to set up a business for her.

A Beaded Accessory.
Beaded Bag.

She is into beads making and this has caused her to outshine her counterparts despite her being in a wheelchair. She is an example of someone who against all odds has made beautiful things out of her life.

She presented beautiful and creative pieces to the Ordinary President. The bags and neckpiece designs attracted amazing responses from viewers and listeners as they were stunning and beautiful to behold.

In the long run, the Ordinary President offered to establish her and support her financially. He instructed that her business is promoted on all social media platforms and she is going to be provided with a consistent supply of internet connection.

To order for your beaded accessories, contact 08034228723.

Brekete Academy.

Chef Fatima of the Brekete Academy came in the company of her students who just completed their training to share their experiences. All of them showed gratitude and were happy for the privilege given them to be a part of the program.

It is important to note that age is not a restriction and should not pose as an excuse for limiting one from pursuing a desired dream. Mr. Muhammed Aliyu, a 67-year-old man and a 62-year-old Anglican Priest took up the challenge and for all its worth, they are more exposed than ever before.

Their presence at the training is a challenge to the young ones who are walking around and lazily waiting for opportunities to meet them in their comfort zones.  Also, distance should not stand as a barrier to achieving a purpose.

A number of the students came from far including Germany just to benefit from the opportunities and expositions offered on a platter of gold. They individually encouraged everyone to get up to embrace every available opportunity because once it is lost; it is difficult to get again.


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