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Today’s program featured The Chief Commissioner of Consumers Protection Council, representatives of The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and Brekete Family Program lifetime partner Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC).

The world will either move forward towards unity and widely shared prosperity or it will move apart”. The saying has always proved to be right as whenever there has been any flinch in unity, the world has observed a lot of terror and instability.

Unity and cooperation is very important regardless of religion, ethnic or tribe as we all have a common enemy which is poverty. We all should join hands and fight our common enemy so as to progress, said The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah as he starts today’s program.

As the 2019 general election draws near, the need for voters’ education cannot be over emphasized, especially when contemporary issues like permanent voters card (PVC) collection among others arise.

INEC representative, Mr. Aliyu Bello from the voters’ education and publicity department said that proper arrangement has been made by INEC for PVC collection for every voter to be able to collect it’s PVC from the ward where he/she registered.

He also advised that anyone who doesn’t have a voter’s card shouldn’t come near the polling unit. He assured that INEC is fully prepared for the general election and every stakeholder is being carried along.

Mr. Aliyu Bello

After the introduction of the AEDC representatives, the spokesperson talked about some usual and unusual situations. He said, 20% of the power outage is due to the interception of trees and power-lines.

When trees intercept power lines it makes electricity to flow from the power line to the ground and then the power goes off due to proper grounding in other to save peoples’ life.

f their’s no power outage at that moment the tree will have some current and then electrocutes. Sometimes when the tree becomes dry it catches fire due to the current flowing through it. However, the people are advised to take proper precautions and be extra careful.

Complainants are selected randomly to lay their complaints, a complainant, Anibofwu Godwin who works for the Federal Ministry of Information said he has not been paid his salary from 2008 to 2013 after which he has written lots of letters to the ministry.

Anibofwu Godwin

Another complainant by name Sunday Audu who is a business man narrated that he had an agreement with a transporter Muhammad Bashir in the year 2017 to help him supply some goods worth 71 million Naira of which the later declined and diverted the goods for his own personal use.

Mr. Audu Sunday

A female complainant complained about a cooperative society that promised her 5% interest after she had paid a sum of 2 million Naira since 2017 but up till now she hasn’t seen both her capital and even the interest.

Another woman begged the Ordinary President to help save the life of her son who currently needs a medical attention.


The last complainant from Mararaba narrated her ordeal. she said she bought a house in nasarawa for 700 thousand Naira after which a notorious land grabber Nasiru Soldier allegedly collected the house from her unjustly.

The woman from mararaba

The chief commissioner of  Public Complaint Commission, PCC, Hon. Chile Igbawua reviewed all complaints and responded to each complaint, he said the Commission under his watch would maintain open door policy and ensure speedy dispensation of justice.

Hon. Chile Igbawua

Brekete academy resource persons, Comfort Okpere (customer management training), Mr Abiola Lukmon (solar and cctv training), Chef Fatima Haruna (food processing training) Mr. Ufedo (computer engineering training) announced the date of their training accordingly.

Having learnt a lot of lessons from today’s program, the Brekete Family program ended with a lot of point focus to ruminate.


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