The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President advised against laziness especially at this point when there’s a lockdown. He encouraged people to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

He added that the lockdown should foster productivity because many opportunities will be discovered by people who are really interested in making a difference despite the present condition.

He frowned against the leadership structure in Africa that only allows the old and those who are supposed to be retired and resting the opportunity to lead.

He referred to this as a ‘recycled system’. The younger generation should be allowed to wield authority and put to use all the knowledge they have gathered and their experiences.

Pharm. Zainab.

In a bid to educate the general public on preventing the ongoing pandemic; COVID-19, Pharmacist Zainab Sheriff; the Director, Traditional, complementary and alternative  Medicine of the Federal Ministry of health, came in the company of medical practitioners who specialize in traditional medicine.

They each spoke in turn and provided adequate information not only about Coronavirus but other health-related issues. Pharm. Zainab accorded the entire honor to God who gave the wisdom to create herbs for the benefit of the human race.

Prof. MacDonald Edu.

She added that it’s not wise to leave God out of Science as it is Him alone who has the ability to give knowledge to people. She further encouraged that people should seek forgiveness and God’s help to get over this period.

The purpose of coming according to her is not to give cures to the present pandemic but to help people see the importance of the plants around us.

She stated that God cannot be kept out of whatever is happening because, in the real sense of it, the mighty are falling.

That is, people are scampering for safety as a result of the pandemic. She further added that, ‘when a disease descends, a remedy descends with it’.

Prof. Kenneth.

Professor MacDonald Edu, a Professor at the Faculty of Life Sciences, Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Benin shared quite an appreciable amount of knowledge.

Professor Kenneth, a professor in Public Health who specializes in infectious diseases spoke at length on the prevention of the current pandemic. He said he has been in the practice of Natural Medicine for 19 years.

Dr. Sussanah.

He asserts that Nigeria is blessed with the required knowledge and resources that can be used to boost the immune system and help manage the current pandemic.

Dr. Susan also belongs to the group of people who make use of plants to produce medications.

Professor Kenneth explained, in brief, the history of coronavirus. He said the virus has been in existing for long and that the COVID-19 is a variant of the virus according to WHO.

Brekete Family.

Pharmacist Zainab educated on the importance of detoxification. She explained that the liver and the skin.

She then said, to protect against coronavirus, one’s immune system needs to be clean and strong enough to fight against the ravaging infection.

The importance of aromatherapy was discussed where the use of essential oils like eucalyptus oil is required to soothe the respiratory system because of the presence of menthol which is an active ingredient.

She also mentioned some plants that are good for the season; for instance, onion and garlic that have antimicrobial properties.


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