The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah with Comfort Okpere

Laziness is probably, along with fear, one of the greatest enemies of actions. Although often used as a derogatory term, the fact is that laziness is somehow part of the human nature. It pushes us to avoid certain actions, movements or works, and there are many possible causes: The action won’t provide a worthwhile benefit. The work won’t have the recognition we want. The action can cause physical pain or a negative mental state. We don’t consider ourselves sufficiently prepared to undertake such activity. We aren’t motivated enough or we can say that temporary motivated or less serious towards the current conditions of life. Our Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah cap it all by saying that the choice to live the type of life we want is ours, therefore he’s tired of tell all to leave their bed every day.

The Nigeria Army Retiree
The widow

The case of an old retiree of Nigeria Army was treated and the Ordinary President calls on the Nigeria Military Pension Board which one of their representatives promised to help him retrieve all his outstanding pensions. Also, the case of a widow that her late husband works with Nigeria Prisons was treated, her husband family took over all the properties he left behind, so the Ordinary President made a call to the PRO Nigeria Prison Service and he promised to help the widow retrieve all the properties so that she will be able to take care of her children.

A complainant

Also, a woman brought a case against University of Abuja Teaching Hospital about her stolen child. Afterwards a lot of case was treated in the Brekete Family program today and the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah presents the cases to appropriate authorities for immediate actions.

The Brekete Family

Today’s program also focus our mindset towards self-discipline because to be self-discipline add more value to our life and help us to achieve our goals and also, motivate us to be strong and be ready to face any adversity.


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