The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah

Towards achieving success in life, people must be ready to be dutiful in their daily endeavor and best way to achieve that one must avert laziness and be upright in our daily endeavor. The rate of lawlessness in our daily activities was discussed an advice was given to Brekete Family to be up and doing and shun the act of procrastination in our action and stop believing the spiritual ways and face the practical aspects of our life.

The member from Diaspora

A member of Brekete Family in diaspora was introduced into the program and was compelled by the Ordinary President  to take his place and make presentation and he appreciate the effort of the Ordinary President on putting smile on peoples face through all the programs being organized by the Brekete Family program.

The Brekete Family
The Brekete Family

The representatives of Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Council (FCCPC) made a presentation today and expose the criminals that produce fake products for the consumption of the general public, and a point of warning was sent to all to be careful of what we buy in the market and make sure we check very well before we consume.

Chemical used for fake products
The Adulterated Products

The anomalies of Nigeria Police was exposed today by a visually impaired ex-official of Nigeria Police due to the fact that he want to expose some of his colleagues that are into criminality it was so shameful that everybody round the world was moved to tears when this man narrate his ordeal in the hands of his colleagues.

A Complainant

As the case may be in life, we should try and be our brother’s keeper because at it’s going on now you cannot trust anybody’s ways of life. Therefore if there is any suspicious movement in our area let’s quickly report to the police.


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