Brekete Family program is a reality talk magazine program that tackles human rights issues.

Today’s program started smoothly as the introduction was done by Comfort Okpere before being joined by The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah.
The Ordinary President announced that he needs 100 volunteers for Brekete Family Program, he also stated that he doesn’t want volunteers who are also complainants and no volunteer should expect any payment.

As Chef Fatima’s food processing training ends, some of her graduating students took to the studio to share their experience and testimonies, some of these students come from far and outside Abuja to attend this training and they never regretted coming according to their testimonies.

The case of a woman whose new born baby was allegedly stolen at Gwagwalada specialist hospital, Abuja was heard. According to her, her child was stolen immediately after giving birth and the doctors denied it. The full story continues on Monday when actions will be taken to recover the allegedly stolen child.

Ambassador Potopoto called in from France to contribute to the program. Our fundamental human rights needs to be protected, he said as he shares his experience.

A lady called from Enugu State to lay a complain and the Ordinary President put a smile on her face. According to her she invested in some honey business but was eventually duped and since then things have been difficult. The Ordinary President promised to refund her money and recover her stolen fund.

Emmanuel Onoja, the Mixed Martial Art (MMA) champion came to the studio and announced his next fight in Lagos State with a Lebanese. He also talks about his achievements and that he has not lost a fight since he started his career. Hilarious moments followed as the Ordinary President displayed some funny act.


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