Brekete Family Programme >> 15th March, 2019

Talk magazine show that tackles human right issues.

Akaramakallah started today’s program on a light note before he handed over to the Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah with a smooth transition between both. However, today’s program is tagged anti corruption/ whistle blowing day.

Treat people with respect, whatever position you are occupying today use it positively because no one knows what will happen tomorrow, the ordinary president advises.

Brekete family smart city is a big project that is still ongoing and is planned to change the life of the people positively, consultant Iyke talks about the project and laughed at those who think the project isn’t achievable. Nevertheless, bridges and boreholes among other things have been built already on this site.

Health they say is wealth, the kind of food or drink or even medicine we take in to our system determines what could happen to our health. Many of the food we eat today are genetically modified and are therefore dangerous to our health. Some medicines we take in are also poisonous and are not fit for us to take without prescription. The ordinary president discusses this and a guest, Mrs Jacky who is a Botanist and Nutritionist shed more light on food and medicine intake broadly.


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