A talk magazine program that tackles human rights issues.

SERVICOM Help-desk featured on today’s program.
The program started with the case of a Nigerian senior citizen who worked for Ethiopian embassy and then got strike with stroke but unfortunately wasn’t paid off by the Ethiopian embassy. According to his son who spoke on his behalf, the sickness got him while he was still in service but was abandoned by the Ethiopian embassy. The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah then appointed Mr Innocent Orji popularly known as Daddy Scaffold and Barr. Ogor to follow up the matter and get justice for this elderly man.

Hundreds of foreign nationals have been displaced by xenophobic attacks, many take refuge near the Sydenham Police Station. Due to recent xenophobic attack in South Africa, The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah made reference to the speeches of the President of South Africa Darami Mahama and the opposition leader Julius Malama as they both condemn these attacks.

Nigeria is a great country with lots of wealth but we lack good leadership. Issues relating to Africa as a whole and Nigeria were discussed and some revelations were made.

An update on the case of a retired soldier was given, he has met with lieutenant Okoroafor and he was promised all his arrears will be paid.

Some complainants who were helped but showed fraudulent action in return were exposed. Many complainants come to Brekete Family but some of the have ulterior motives and not only here to lay complaints. This is the case of these two young ladies, one lied not to have an active bank account and the other asked The Ordinary President for money after she has been given some before. Despite all these actions, they were paid 50 thousand Naira and 80 thousand Naira each and were warned not to come close to Brekete Family again.

A case of the lady from Calabar whose father was sick and his arrears was not paid, she was referred to ICPC the last time and she brought a good news and response from ICPC. The Ordinary President promised to continue to pay her father’a pension, she busted into tears of joy.

The program ended with few more cases treated as The founder of Brekete Family was able to put smile on some people’s face.


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