The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah

During today’s episode of the Brekete Family Program, the Ordinary president, Dr. Ahmad Isah, in his opening address, stressed on the importance of building and helping children develop self-confidence. He emphasized on the importance of imbibing an analytical and critical thinking culture as it will help them not to get used to the usual, ‘learn and absorb’ method applied in schools.

Mr. Atta Ighalo, the Chairman of the Ministerial task Force .

A number of guests were in attendance, some of them include; Mr. Atta Ighalo, the Chairman of the Ministerial task Force, who was accompanied by the secretary, Elizabeth Aliyu, Barrister Ewa and Mr. Emma Ubgoaja from the Public Complaints commission.

Updates from previously addressed issues were received. Mr. Ibisagba Sunday, who had earlier reported that himself and four others, gave a huge sum of money to a Director in FCDA for the purchase of landed properties. The Director had since been ordered to pay up the money, of which, according to the report received today, he has been able to pay three million, three hundred thousand naira(3.3million), leaving him with a hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000) to balance.

The Complainants.

The Ordinary president ventured into discussing insecurity and the level at which the menace is eating deep into the society. He invited the parents of Abdul, a 34 year old man who fell victim of this, despite the energy he put in while alive to protect lives and properties. Abdul’s father, Murtala Badamosi said they have been denied justice over the death of their son, who before death, worked for the Vigilante group.

The father of the deceased gave in detail, circumstances that surrounded the death of his late son and the carefree attitude put up by the Police in addressing the issue. Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah pointed a lesson for everyone to learn. He said a person’s relationship with a law enforcement officer should not prevent him from filing a case when necessary. The case has been presented before the Honorable Commissioner of Police who has promised to ensure that the culprits are brought to book.


Some of the complainants reported Pension and Gratuity related cases. Mallam Yusuf Bala is a retired military officer who has been denied payment for 17 years. He retired in 1979 and the last time he received pension was in June 2002. Mrs. Comfort Oyesanya, who at the time of active service, worked at the Federal Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment for 32 years.

She joined in 1974 and retired in July 2006. From then till now, she has not received her full salary and is being paid N5, 000 monthly despite all the measures she has put in place to see that it is corrected. 

Lastly, Oko Daniel, a 19-year old from Otukpa Local Government Area of Benue State, complained about the refusal of the refusal of the Nigerian police Force to pay his late father’s gratuity. At the time of death, the complainant’s father was a Constable. The uncle who is the next of kin is incapacitated as he is down with stroke. 

Brekete Family

The ordinary president encouraged Daniel to do things that will add value to him instead of being after a ‘late constable’s gratuity’ that has slim chances of being possible. Dr. Ahmad Isah promised to enroll and sponsor Daniel in the Brekete Academy where he will learn a skill, have a capital and be able to fend for himself and his mother. He was also promised a fully sponsored treatment for one of his legs at Cedar Crest Hospital where Dr. Ogedengbe would show his expertise in ensuring that the leg becomes better.

 The chairman, Ministerial task team, Attah Ighalo, gave an update on the effect of their involvement in the control of traffic. He said his team and other officials involved have successfully put into control the traffic at Nyanya and are working on achieving similar feat in Dutse where they are trying to stop roadside sellers and Nomadic traders from causing nuisance.

A murder case was reported and is inconclusive because the complainants got emotional. Simon Joy and Simon Queen from Kogi state reported that their father was shot dead by his cousin, David Onoja in March, 2019 because their late father refused to vote APC but voted PDP. The Ordinary President then asked them to return tomorrow when they are more composed and ready to be questioned.


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