The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah with Comfort Okpere

To belittle means to put down, or to make another person feel as though they aren’t important. To belittle someone is a cruel way of making someone else seems less important than you. So the message came from the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah that we are all born with a unique and natural ability and capacity, therefore we should endeavor to showcase our individual abilities and should not allow anyone to make us feel less important.

The Brekete Family in Prayer session

In the spirit of oneness, the Ordinary President later led everybody under the sound of his voice to a prayer session and the whole Brekete Family studio was filled with the spirit and show to us that God is very much on our side, and we pray such should be happening frequently in the program.

The Brekete Family

It was very pathetic today when the case of the lady that was suffering an excruciating pains due to steroids that was administer to her by a nurse and she was rushed to general hospital in karu, but to all displeasure she was rejected and was not attended to, the Brekete Family have to organized another prayer session for her for quick recovery.

The lady that was administer steroids

The Ordinary President opened telephone line so that members can call in to show their concern for the lady and there was a good response from the general public and immediately the Ordinary President swing into action for the lady to be moved to a private hospital in kaduna.

Akramakallah in prayerful mood

Some cases were treated including the lady that was duped by a fellow woman in pretense to supply her honey and the Ordinary president promised to get her money back for her.

A Complainant

The representatives of Public Complaint Commission was introduced into Brekete Family program and they made a presentation and also, promised to fetch out the nurse that administer steroid for that lady as malaria treatment.

The lady on her way to kaduna

Consultant Iyke made a presentation concerning the Brekete Family Site and Services and it is very clear to us that we should all be our brother’s keeper so that the world will continue to move forward.


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