It is another Thursday and surely another episode of your favorite Talk magazine and reality program; the Brekete family Program. On today’s edition of the program, an interesting and heart rending issue was discussed and an update was received from a previously treated case. Also, a number of the Brekete Academy facilitators announced a series of training that will be coming up soon.   

The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah

The Ordinary president, Dr. Ahmad Isah delivered a pep talk and he encouraged listeners and viewers to be productive. This implies that anyone who intends to be successful does not have to lazy around waiting for magic to happen; such should take the bull by its horn and be directed accordingly. A productive person is one who has come to terms with his identity and dominion that God has given him. He further explained that once a person is productive and has met with others who are achieving great feats too, they can work together to make a great nation. In other words, the much awaited positive change begins with individuals who recognize how far their impact on the nation’s development can go.

The Representatives of Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission is an organization that seeks to ensure that the interest of the consumer is prioritized and they get a value for their money. This organization was represented by Bridget Etim and Olubunmi Oti and being present at the program proves that they don’t mince words and they do just as they say. They came on behalf of a complainant whose case has been initially treated and handed over FCCPC for follow up. Mohammed reported that he was not properly attended to at the Federal Medical Center, Lokoja.

Mrs. Bridget explained that necessary steps are being put in place so that Mohammed, who is on crutches, would be able to walk on his legs again. She also related the message from the FMC’s Chief Medical Director, Dr. Alabi Olatunji, saying he takes responsibility for the mismanagement of the patient’s condition and promised that there will be proper disciplinary actions and that he would see to the patient’s recovery.

Family of the deceased.

It would interest you to know that the inconclusive murder case has been revisited. Today in the studio, we had in this regard, members of the deceased’s family which includes; his wife, daughters and an eyewitness. One of the most important things in the treatment of a murder case that’s not to be neglected is the eyewitness’ account because it sheds more light and does not give room for unnecessary assumptions. Yesterday when the issue was introduced, Simon Joy and Simon Queen were not expressive enough and it was concluded that they might need to speak in their dialect and get an interpreter.

Mr. James Matthew is the eyewitness and also a victim as he was also shot at the scene of the incidence on 9th March, 2019. He gave a clear insight into the issue and went into details in explaining the involvement of Mr. David Onoja in the murder of his fellow kinsman who when alive represented and led the community well. The deceased’s  first daughter, Abigail Simon also came up with more shocking revelations as she disclosed that she and her siblings are being threatened by the alleged suspect. She further disclosed that while seeking justice for their father’s death, a policeman who is identified as CSP Dalatu Usman from the Force Criminal Investigation Department, Abuja, allegedly received a sum of N300,000 from the family.

Brekete Family.

A call was put to him by the ordinary President but to the shock of every listener, probably as a result of guilt, he switched off his phone and didn’t not confirm or deny the allegation. The annoying and unexpected part played by some Policemen in this issue is not credible as those involved are defaming the faces of the very sincere ones in the Force. As at the time the wound was fresh and the members of the family were out seeking for help, James stated that, the DPO released David Onoja on health grounds which sound false because sincerely, no public official who is caught in an act would want to face the music of his crime but would bribe his way through.  Abigail and James spoke extensively on this and though it is a hard pill to swallow, the truth is many of the uniformed men compromise their duties and obligations.

 While the discourse was on and emotions filled the air, Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah put a call through to Mr. David Onoja who denied every allegation leveled against him and he claimed that the deceased is his brother and he wouldn’t have done that. The case has since been taken over by Elder Emma Okoro who is ready to ensure that the family gets justice and the culprit is brought to face the penalties of his misdeeds.

Brekete Academy Resource Person.

On a lighter note, the Brekete Academy presents to you opportunities to acquire one or more skills of your choice. While taking any of these training sessions, it is guaranteed that you will learn and end up being a boss in your field of choice as we have great facilitators who would pour in you a handful of knowledge that cannot be traded. Here is a list of the trainings and other information you might need.

  1. Anthony Ogie (facilitator), who specializes in satellite installation. He would be teaching this aspect and training is between 17th and 19th October, 2019. Time:  10-12pm. Price: 10,000. Venue: Emerald Park, Area 3, Garki, Abuja. Phone number: 08170922532
  2. Chef Fatima’s Food Processing and bakery training. Price: 20,000. Venue: Tickles garden, Wuse Zone 5. Date: 21-25 October, 2019.  Phone Number: 08036448901
  3. Daniel Ikhille’s Computer Appreciation Training at Onatrix Garden, zone 5 on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th by 9:00am. For more information, call 08035303418
  4. Ruqayat Bello a.k.a Lady Duvet’s Rugs and throw pillows’ training, from 28th-31st October, 2019. For more information, call 09092822333. Price : 20,000.


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