Talk magazine show that tackles human right issues. Consumers Protection Council featured on today’s program.

The program started with advise from The Ordinary President to all Nigerians, However an update on the case of the girl who ignorantly took steroid for about 8 months was given as some of her family members felt unconcerned about her condition and no one among them is ready to go stay with her in the hospital despite the fact that her medical bills have been paid by Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah. Suleiman Abdulrazak popularly known as Akaramakallah talks about his encounter with one of the family members on phone and how unconcerned they reacted to the matter. Nevertheless, all these can not stop The voice of the voiceless from helping the extra-ordinary citizens.

In today’s rapid-paced life, we often tend to get so busy that we forget our parents’ rights.  Family values have significantly dropped in our lives, and our friends often become more important to us than our own relatives. If you do not treat your parents well, your life will never end well. You don’t need to be a millionaire before you take care of your parents, show them love; These are words from the Ordinary President as he advises strongly on treating our parents well.

The case of a young lady, Munirat Ahmad who was allegedly duped by one of her customers was treated. According to her She buys Virtual Top-Up VTU from a dealer and then resells but these customers of her have been tricking her all these while and they are both acting as dealers and customers so she is making no profit. The case was handed over to the police but there seem to be a dark spot in that case so a call is put through to the FCT Commissioner of Police, Bala Ciroma and he was ready to handle the matter personally.

Another case is that of a retired NEPA staff who worked for 27 years before retiring and was paid off a sum of 7 million naira, according to him as soon as he got this money he deposited it into his own account and informed his close friend about the money, the latter advised him to use the money for oil business and then introduced him to another person, in the process he was scammed and his money was lost. The Ordinary President advised the complainant to first apologize to his wife for not informing her before going into such transaction. A call was put through to FCT Area Commander and he promised to look into the matter and take action immediately.

Gentle Daddy, representative of FCCPC enlightens the public on some fake products being circulated. A video clip of some fake products being destroyed was shown. He warned that Nigerians should be very careful of what they consume.

The last case that was treated was that concerning a land in Borno State, Comrade Ali Abacha, Former Human Rights Activist; talked on behalf of a complainant, according to him, Government occupied the land which belong to the complainant’s father and promised to pay him about 150 million naira since 2017 but didn’t pay. The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah told them to come back on Monday 22nd April 2019 to continue the case.


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