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The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

In his sermon, the Ordinary President explained that conflicts should be resolved amicably between parties who are at loggerheads with each other. Contrary to the western method, he clearly stated the unique way Africans resolve issues. Africans originally do not take issues to the court of law. They sort things out that you begin to question if there was any rift. That’s the true African nature.

Africa as a continent started having problems the moment it allowed all its beliefs and values to be altered. You would ask how? Africa is a victim of alteration because; it is made to believe whatever is passed down even when the original meaning and value has been tampered with. Ordinary Ahmad Isah encouraged everyone not to allow anyone to alter their thinking by brainwashing and indoctrinating them falsely. Our traditions should be highly esteemed by us and we should be proud of our identity as Africans.

We should not lose track of whom we are and who we are becoming as a result of westernization. He believes that ‘it is okay to be civilized but it’s very bad to be westernized’. The effect that westernization has on Africans is what birthed the high rate of divorce amongst other things that is not typical of a man or woman of African descent.

Conclusively, as much as we desire to be a part of a developing world, we should be mindful of our culture and its uniqueness because, it is what makes us and not another man’s subtlety or deceptions.

Mrs. Dorothy

The Ordinary Ahmad Isah is a man of the people and is always ready to stand up to fight the course of those who have been unnecessarily silenced. As a matter of emergency, a heavily pregnant woman was ushered into the studio because of her husband who has not been paid for months and as she is close to putting to bed, she is scared that she might lose her life and that of the baby’s to lack of funds.

Dorothy, who refused to disclose her husband’s name for security reasons and fears that he might be dismissed from work, said her husband works for Urban Mass Transit and has not been paid for months. She also said that she was due for delivery on the 16th, October, but from the look of things, she would deliver soon as her water broke already.

Just as the Ordinary President desires to put smiles on sad faces, he ordered the immediate release of N50, 000 and a bag of rice so that she would be able to cater for her immediate needs. Dorothy, amidst tears, appreciated God, the entire Brekete Family and Ordinary Ahmad. Amidst the joy, she remembered the experience she had watching her boy die because of a power failure and the hospital’s negligence of duty.

Brekete Family.

Have you ever thought that man’s inhumanity to man comes in diverse forms? It’s not limited to killing or physical abuse. There are different ways to it. For instance, a man is trampled upon by a fellow human because of his position; another is denied what is rightfully hers amongst other scenarios. The Brekete family program features different cases that prove to the world that ‘inhumanity’ is not a made-up word. In this category in today’s program, we have, Onyibor Nnamdi, Clement Ogboga, and Comfort Magdalene.

Onyibor Nnamdi

Onyibor Nnamdi shared his experience and what it has cost him to be a victim of man’s unfair judgment. He was jobless until his friend released a vehicle so he can transport people and get paid. Two weeks into the transport business, on a Sunday precisely when the complainant decided to work before going to Church, he encountered an unexpected problem that not only cost him his job but his relationship with Simon.

In his explanation, a car driven by a Rtd. General ran into him while he was also on the wheels. The Rtd. General initially apologized to the young man and excusing his behavior by saying that he was on his way to the Hospital as he at that moment was suffering from High blood pressure. He also told Nnamdi that he has issues with eyesight and that must have caused the accident. He then promised to take every responsibility for any damage.

Nnamdi at this point was devastated because he was not sure what to tell his friend but along the line, the story changed and the Rtd. General denied apologizing and even threatened to deal with Nnamdi and that he (Nnamdi), must be responsible for repairs. The question is, should a man intimidate another with his position?

Clement Ogboga

Clement Ogboga, a complainant who resides in Maraba told the story of how he lost his brother who worked for Vita Construction Company as a Mechanic. The deceased’s appointment ended as a result of death in 2014. Initially, nothing was done to compensate the family’s loss until they got a Lawyer who stood in for them.

On the long run, the company decided to give 2 million naira but an agreement was reached that it’ll be paid in two installments, that is, 1 million naira at each time. The Lawyer’s consultation fee as agreed was 10% of whatever the company releases. The case brought before the Brekete family is that, the lawyer after giving the family N800, 000 and deducting her fee of N200,000 from the initial N1 million has refused to release the other N1 million given her by the company to the family.

In this regard, she was called and promised to pay in November as the money is intact and her not paying is because the family does not have an account. Ordinary Ahmad ordered that she pays before Monday, else she is called out on air and the law would take its course.

Mrs. Comfort Magdalene

Mrs. Comfort Magdalene is from Imo and a retired civil servant who is denied her entitled gratuity. She retired as a principal on Grade level 14, step 9 in 2001 and the State Education Management Board did not pay her until October 2014 when she began to receive N69,515, this continued until March 2018.

The payment stopped on the ground that she didn’t go through the verification process. She agreed and had the verification done but to her utmost dismay, she was paid in March 2019, 11 months after the last payment. It’s good to note at this point that, she wasn’t paid for 11 months and since March, she’s being paid a stipend a little above N13, 000 and she is yet to receive her gratuity from the federal government.

The concern now is what points are those in the hem of affairs trying to prove by not paying or short paying not only retirees but also those in active service who put their strength into molding lives positively.

Mr. Sanni Abdulkadri

Mr. Sanni Abdulkadri is a contractor that specializes in tiling. He was given a contract by Architect Musa Abdallah who has refused to pay the total money agreed upon since 2014. The complainant said he was supposed to get N1.8 million but the Architect is yet to pay him, claiming he has not been paid by the proprietor of Baze University, Abuja where Sanni tiled the floors of an entire building. At the moment, he is expected to receive from the Arch. Musa, N681, 000.

Finally, the Ordinary President eulogized Elder Emma Okoro and he referred to him as a Nationalist. This is due to his active involvement and prompt intervention in ensuring peace and unity in Nigeria.

He is an elder statesman in APC and plays a vital role in mending broken walls. When he called during the program, he said he had called the Governor of Imo state as regards Mrs. Comfort’s issue and the murder case that was treated yesterday is being attended to and the law is bound to take its due course on the culprit.


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