Suleiman Abdulrazaq a.k.a Akramakallah and Comfort Okpere a.k.a Complete package

In the absence of our Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah, our amiable Suleiman Abdulrazaq a.k.a. Akramakallah and Comfort Okpere a.k.a. Complete Package and an advice was given to Brekete Family to use most of our energy to do good things and stop complaining about issue of life. To be useful to oneself is better used for positive impacts than to be dueling on negativity.

The Brekete family

Also, being a solution provider makes us to overcome the power of poverty than being a critic and the best can come out of you when you are filled with positive minds and make use of all the opportunities that came our way.

Daddy Scaffold given the Brekete family elders advice

Daddy Scaffold gave an advice to Brekete Family that we should not trust anybody on earth because human being can change at any time and we should endure to fulfill their destiny not minding the situation that surround us.

A Brekete Academy student giving a testimony

The phone line was opened to listen to members’ opinions and complaint and the response was very encouraging.

The IG Liaison to Brekete Family made a presentation to the general public as regards the celebration period that everybody should be careful of where they go to and avoid late-night crawling, he also gave an update on the case of the woman that her car was sold out by her landlord.

The IG liaison to Brekete Family
The Brekete Family

Ambassador Potopoto called into Brekete Family and shower encomium on the Ordinary President in absentia and praise everybody for a good job and advice that we all pray for Nigeria that things will still change if we have the believe.


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