Suleiman Abdulrazaq and Comfort Okpere.

In today’s edition of the Brekete family program, we had in attendance, a number of the Brekete Academy facilitators; some of who reminded listeners and viewers about their training and those who came in with proofs of the authenticity of the training program. The Ordinary president also passed a very important message to Nigerians, Home and Abroad on the importance of creativity. Asides that, a Corps member complained about the non-payment of her father’s pension by the Nigerian Airways Corporation.

Brekete Academy.

Mr. Uyi Ebuhoma is organizing a weekend training that focuses on Online Business; Mini importation, Didital advert for online sales. It is the last of its kind for October. Fee: 10,000. For more information, call 07085160694

The Scaffolding training with Daddy Scaffold will commence in November; 25th- 30th. Contact 08033203743 for more information.

Mr. Aliyu Hassan and students.

Mr. Aliyu Hassan, a specialist in photography scheduled training for the 28th October 2019. Mr. Hassan in company of two of his students who participated in the just concluded training was in the studio with their 18-mega pixels camera, given to them by the facilitator.  Obatu Kingsley, a corps member, expressed his gratitude to God and the management for such a rare privilege. He promised to make good use of all that he has learned. Malachi Ifeanyi showed appreciation in like manner and thanked his wife for supporting and encouraging him to take the course.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President commended every Brekete Academy Tutor and encouraged every Nigerian to be creative as it gives one a sense of satisfaction. He further stated that people should strive to do things differently; for instance, Mr. Hassan dared to do so by giving out Cameras to successful participants to aid their skills and encourage them in producing results from what they have garnered during the training.

Global FOOD Festival.

Chef Fatima and some of her partners; Mr. Emmanuel Odidi and Mr. Yinka Aina delightfully announced the 2019 Global Food Festival. The idea of the food fest, is to promote global unity through food. For more information, send INFO or call 09010871324. You can also check the Brekete Academy website

Brekete Family.

This is an exposition that seeks to promote made in Nigeria products and helps to protect intellectual property. Comfort Okpere, while announcing this program stated that the program will promote innovators, initiators, and inventors. The program is scheduled for 26th October- 2nd November, 2019 at the Old Parade Ground, Area 10, Garki, Abuja. For more information, call 09092411111.

The Complainant.

The case attended to during today’s program is a pension-related one. Jumbo is from Rivers State and a graduate of the Rivers State University. She is currently serving in Abuja. She tendered a complaint on behalf of her father who has been denied his pension by the management of the Nigerian Airways Corporation. She said, while in service, her father who is in his late 70’s and currently suffers from partial memory loss served for 9 years and 8 months before retiring in 1988.

Every effort to get his money paid has remained futile and the family has exhausted every means they thought would work. The Ordinary president assured Jumbo that the family’s petition will be attended to and answered by God’s grace.


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