The Ordinary President Dr Ahmad Isah and Comfort Okpere

It is very essential for us all in the country to love our country because it is the country of our birth and we have no other country as our fatherland no matter how long we sojourn in any other country in the world. These are words of wisdom from our Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah to the Brekete family members and to all of us in Nigeria as a whole and he later reiterate his fact that praying for one’s country is a must for all the citizens and it must be done on daily basis.

The Nigeria Police Liaison to Brekete family

Then the issue of the way Nigeria Police treat their staff was thoroughly dealt with and the Ordinary President call on the necessary authority to do something to it because they are in charge of protection of the citizen of the country and their welfare should be paramount to the government.

The woman that her Orphanage home was demolished

The high rate of demolition of people’s properties in Abuja and it’d environ was treated and the case involved a woman that has an orphanage homes in the city got everyone asking question on how government demolish peoples properties without due process, the responded later say their own side of the story and the case was adjourned till the government listen to the case.

The government representatives responding to the demolition case

Furthermore, Nigerians as a whole are being given advice to desist from going to Indian for medical tourism as a case of an Indian Hospital treating their patient with impunity and nobody to check them is being deliberated upon.


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