Akaramakallah and Complete Package.

It is the first day of the month and the last official working day in the week for most people. For us at Human Rights Media City, every day comes with its uniqueness and it is our duty to embrace whatever it is to make our lives and encourage those around to make theirs better.

As part of the mandate to encourage, the new month should be welcomed with a positive perspective in view. Contrary to the mentality majority has about the Ember months, the months are loaded with goodies but it takes the man with positive visions to see clearly and acquire strength to pursue it.

So as to be a part of the goodies, it is important to plan ahead and spend wisely so there won’t be any reason for regrets. Remember that you are not in the world to take care of yourself alone; there are millions on the street who are looking up to you for impact. The Ember month doubles as a time to put smiles on faces and not make people believe negativity.

It is important to note that no one should be cheated or manipulated by you. If it is possible to return whatever you have taken or denied a widow or orphan, now is the best time to do so else, when nemesis catches up with you, it might be disastrous.

Head Boy.

Cybercrime is becoming the order of the day in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Akaramakallah advised against fraudulent behaviors and explained the different ways in which they work on their victim’s psyche to successfully swindle them of their entire earnings and savings if any.

The Brekete Academy Head Boy, Adus Michael further expressed that the government has a lot to do in order to curb the menace. He explained that in other western countries, these guys who are presumed to be experts are called for deliberation and they work hand in hand with the government so that these acts are put to a check and those involved are called to order.

In other words, they encourage them to be productive instead of being destructive and using what they know to ruin lives and render people homeless with their greed. So while cybercrime is on the hit, the government should provide or make available cybersecurity to protect sites against intruders.


As humans, we can’t be independent all the time, sometimes it is really good to build and maintain human relationships. As important as that is, we should at the same time be mindful so as not to fall into the wrong hands. In this regard is the case of a couple who came to the studio for help because a new neighbor and her husband absconded with their daughter.

She told the girl’s father, Mr. Sylvanus Thomas that she was only going to the market with the young girl but up to date they have not been found. The aggrieved couple, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas gave updates on the extent at which the Nigeria Police has gone on the case.

The husband explained that after the sad incident happened, they reported to the nearest police station but the action was delayed on the ground that at the time of the report, it wasn’t up to 24 hours. After a while, they submitted a report at the SARS office but he got no response from their end.

Every effort to apprehend these alleged kidnappers have proven abortive on the parts of the parents because men of the force have not played the part they should. The latest on this is that they have been able to track their location but have not ordered their arrest.

The IG liaison to the Brekete Family, SP Salisu Agaisa suggested that the family comes with him to the force command so that they can deal with the case appropriately and deal with the negligence on the part of the officers who got a heads up on the situation but refused to attend to it.

Fact is that the Nigeria Police Force is doing well but for the bad eggs who are taking their duties with levity and tarnishing the image that the force seeks to represent.

Brekete Family.

Dr. Jummai Ahmadu, the Head FCT Call Centre called in to emphasize the importance of promoting the Nigerian innovations and their inventors. She cited that at the ongoing Proudly Nigerian Expo, there are in attendance young inventors from the different parts of the nation.

An instance is the young man who manufactured the generator that runs without fuel. You are trying to imagine what it runs on? Don’t imagine! Just find your way to the venue and see the several talents that are up for display in a bid to promote intellectuals.

At the ongoing event, The Brekete Academy is live and taking 5% off their training fee. There are other beautiful innovations to behold at the event.

Brekete Academy Students.

In fulfilment of the mandate to deliver excellence, some of the Brekete Academy students were present in the studio to show appreciation to the Ordinary President for the avenue given to them to be upgraded.

These young men, Chinasa and Gabriel Bernard Odey participated in the Access Control Training anchored by Louis Ezomo. They testified to have been impacted positively and are ready to stride and excel. Gabriel Odey said he couldn’t continue his career in Football as a result of an injury but the moment he embraced a greater privilege, the joy he has cannot be curtailed.  

Other trainings will be coming up soon. Take advantage of these opportunities to expand yourself.


Mohammed Gana complained of being manhandled by officers of the Federal Road Safety Corps at Area 1 roundabout.  He explained how there was a struggle with an officer that led to his car losing control and getting damaged. He was arrested and taken to Zone 7 where tear gas was sprayed in his eyes, his phones were seized and his vehicle had been impounded for over a year.

The Corp Marshal Liaison to the Brekete Family is taking up the case. He explained that officials who are not true to their duties are hunted because at the time of his statement, some have been caught up with. He then encouraged Nigerians to make safety an individual responsibility and not leave it in the hands of the FRSC officials alone.


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