Anyone conversant with the Brekete Family Program would know how expectant members of the family are for the arrival of Monday. Of course, it’s Monday and it’s with delight that we bring you highlights from today’s Talk Magazine and reality program. We had in attendance members of the public; some of who came with their complaints while others are students who have completed their skill acquisition training at the Brekete Academy with careful tutelage from our qualified facilitators.

Brekete Family

Brekete Academy is an empowerment platform that seeks to add value to lives. Through the platform, members of the public who have taken advantage of the opportunity have realized that they have nothing to lose and that Knowledge is power. They are not only empowered financially, but they have also upgraded their skills and are now more exposed. In other words, they bear solutions.

Three of Chef Fatima’s students who took part in the Food and Bakery training, were in the studio to share their experiences. They expressed their delight and were grateful to God, the Ordinary President and Chef Fatima herself for the rare privilege. Precious Olajide, Lucy Keshi and Moses Alice advised parents to invest in their children’s future and they included that they are sure of being productive after the training. Chef Fatima will be hosting her Global Food Festival in Abuja on 9th November. It promises to be fun. She also said, there will be one-day training on Crispy Crunch Snacks.

Mr. Anthony Ogie.

Mr. Anthony Ogie, an expert in Satellite Installation came to the studio in the company of his students who recently completed their training. Hussein Ayuba, who is a Building Engineer and Andrew, a Mechanical Engineer were expressive of their gratitude and they are happy to have been a part of the program. A 52-year old man who also took part in the program said how good he feels and that he is going to pay for his son’s training. He encouraged youths to embrace the privilege. Mr. Anthony announced that November training will be from 7th-9th.

Abiola Lukman Olalekan who is a tutor in the Brekete Academy will be training on how to install and design renewable system/ CCTV from 24th – 26th October 2019 with an affordable fee of N25,000. Venue: Hunters Café along Lokogoma, Abuja. Contact: 08154453060

Dr. Austin Obaje is a specialist in Computer Engineering. The training will be from 24th- 26th October 2019. Fee: 10,000. Time: 10:00 am. Contact: 08188646666

Consultant Iyke reminded those who subscribed to the Brekete Family Smart City of the opportunity to pay infrastructure levy by saving 20% between now and 31st December, 2019. Contact: 08073500404. Address: Suite 303 MKK plaza, opposite Gudu market, Abuja.

The Ordinary President

The ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah expounded on the importance of unconditional love and unity irrespective of the tribe, cultural background and religious beliefs. We should be bound by love as that is a determining factor for a better and progressive Nigeria. He encouraged that every citizen be exposed and not be limited to an environment. In his words, ‘cross-cultural exposure upgrades people’s mentality’. In essence, when you meet and interact with people of a different race, you learn and respect each man’s cultural and traditional beliefs without offending anyone.

The Ordinary President with the complainants.

The series of cases treated were focused on inhumane treatment. Every listener and viewer sure had a lesson or two to take home. Madam Hilda, an aged woman who hails from Imo state has been in Abuja for about 6 weeks. She came with the complaint that her son has been in SARS’ custody for a while her Daughter-in-law, who is currently married to another man, sold his properties and relocated abroad with her three kids. The wife in question abandoned her step-son and did not leave him with anything to survive on and she did not make any move to seeing that her husband is released.

The investigation will commence as to the whereabouts of the Son and the Wife’s involvement in His arrest. The Police will also investigate the kind of business he is involved in, though the son stated that his father used to sell musical instrument but the supposed wife sold everything and went with the money.

The Ordinary President with the 17 year old girl.

Kauna Adamu, a 17- year old girl who is seven months pregnant, is a rape victim. She was taken to Zaria as a maid by a woman named, Julie who told her parents that she had the intention of making her life better. Unfortunately, the woman tricked her parents and abandoned poor Kauna in Zaria; she then left for Abeokuta. Kauna was raped by her boss’s husband. To escape, she sought refuge in a neighbor’s house where she passed the night and on the next day, returned to her mother. The situation she found her mother was not good and because she didn’t want to complicate issues, she kept the rape issue to herself. 

Kauna’s mother is down with Diabetes and has already been booked for an arm amputation. It was concluded that, a Diabetic supplement from Dr. Ruzu will be sent to Kauna’s mother so she will commence treatment immediately. Barrister Ogo also offered to take care of young Kauna until she puts to bed and assured that the man who carried out the act and the woman involved will face the wrath of the law. 

The Ordinary President with Otaigbe Eyimearelu, The visually impaired ex-corps member.

On a lighter note, Otaigbe Eyimearelu, a visually impaired ex-corps member, who during his compulsory one year service was with the Human Rights Radio, applauded the management and the members of the Brekete Family for the good things that the media house represents. He expressed his gratitude to the Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah for allowing him even when he was rejected by other organizations. He is a graduate of Law from Ambrose Alli University and has not regretted working at the Media City. Ordinary Dr. Ahmad asked if he has in any way been impacted during his stay, he responded affirmatively and was gifted a sum of N200, 000 as compensation for his work while here.

The Ordinary President advised that no one should be treated as a non-entity. No one should be looked down on because we are not perfect. Also, we should realize that every individual is still being modified by God.


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