It’s another ‘choose-day’ from the Brekete Family. In other words, it is a day when you choose what or who you want to become; or the value you would want to add. Tuesdays are anticipated like other days because we are interested in positive results especially when it has to do with the violation of human rights. The Brekete family perceives everyone to be important and every case brought before the Ordinary Ahmad Isah gets adequate attention with the help of God.

The Ordinary President

The Ordinary President is a selfless spokesperson for the masses; one that puts the interest of neglected and ill-treated persons at heart so that they can stand tall and know they are not to be trampled on. In his sermon, he encouraged every citizen of the country to combine hard work with smartness. This implies that it is not reasonable to be physically hard-working and be mentally lazy, there will be contradicting results. To be on the safer side, strive to be developed in every aspect; physically, emotionally so that you will produce amazing results. Note that, every progress you make in life should portray you as one who is in existence and not one who is surviving.

Mrs. Kene John.

As part of Ordinary Dr. Ahmad’s immense contribution to achieving a selfless co-existence and giving people reasons to live, we had in the studio, Mrs. Kene John. She is a young woman in a wheelchair from Jos, Plateau state and who is in dire of assistance for major surgery. The ill-fated event occurred on 4th February, 2011 when she alongside five others was involved in an accident on their way from a church member’s burial ceremony at Barikin Ladi. She has undergone several medical procedures and scans but all to no avail and it is required that she is given a proper treatment so that she can walk again after being limited to the use of a wheelchair as a result of the spinal cord injury.

The Ordinary President assured that she will be fine and that she needs to get the bill required for the surgery. He then called out to ECWA; being the Church Mrs. John attends, to be ready to contribute their quota in ensuring that she gets better. This is because it was gathered that she went on that journey representing the church. Sad to note that all measures put together by her immediate family has proven abortive. First, the house co-owned by her husband caught fire when it was to be sold and at the point when bargaining was on. Secondly, Senator Gyang Datong (late) before death had promised to be of help but before she got back, she received the news of his untimely death.

DG SERVICOM, Madam Nnenna Akajemele

Madam Nnenna Akajemele, popularly referred to as Madam SERVICOM, is a dedicated member of the family who ensures that she represents her office adequately. SERVICOM is an abbreviation for Service Compact. She said SERVICOM is concerned with improving service delivery; and in achieving that, they have chosen to make it a thing of national discourse; hence the reason for coming to Human Rights Radio because they are sure to get feedback that will help them deliver as expected to the members of the public.

Madam Nnenna came in with representatives of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA); Mr Adamu Abdullahi, the Director Consumer Protection, NCAA and Mr. Johnson Adekola, who is the Nodal officer between SERVICOM and NCAA. The presence of NCAA officials raised issues as regards the Aviation industry and how important it is for customers to be treated respectfully by giving them access to adequate information that will guide consumer behavior and proper management of the service rendered by NCAA.

NCAA has to pass information through various medium available because not every Nigerian is sophisticated enough to understand English. To avoid limiting some group of people, it is advised that the board should consider the use of jingles in different languages as a medium.

NCAA Representatives.

It has been alleged that NCAA provides poor services and pays little or no attention to customer satisfaction and security. For instance, Bribery is the order of the day amongst officials who work at the Airport. They, especially the security are supposed to protect lives and properties, they ought to be alert at all times but as much as these have been entrusted in their hands, and cases of human trafficking are still on the rise.

These perpetrators of evil do it successfully because some of the officials are either careless or have been bribed.  On satisfaction, complaints like delayed flights and cancellation of flights were given. While there were also complaints of being humiliated by the airport authorities, some said their passports were seized over flimsy reasons.

It was also reported that the Medview Airline boss, Alh. Muniru Bankole allegedly humiliated some of those who worked for him because they had to report his non-payment of salary for months to the NCAA. The complainant known as Halimah said the management ordered that they all returned all that’s in their possession and afterwards terminated their appointment without paying them all that it owes them. 

Brekete Family.

Responding to these allegations, Mr. Adamu assured the general public that since NCAA is now aware of all the grievances, it will improve its services and ensure that consumers are satisfied with services. He also promised to call to order the Medview airline boss and others who are involved in treating their employees unfairly.

He assuredly stated that lives and properties will be protected and anyone found doing otherwise faces the wrath of the law. He concluded that, to achieve all of these, the organization has made provision for easy access through which reports can come in and they can improve when necessary. He gave the organization’s contact information which is as follows.

Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority



Phone number: 08023294005


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