Complete Package.

The welcome address delivered by Comfort Okpere a.k.a. Complete Package proves that she has indeed drawn from the wellspring of knowledge under the tutelage of the amiable Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah. She welcomed everyone present and encouraged Nigerians to desist from giving up. She said it is best to keep one’s gaze fixed on God because He hasn’t changed and when we put our confidence in God, He helps us to do extraordinary things. She cited the Ordinary President as an example of an “ordinary” man doing extraordinary things.


The Ordinary President addressed Madam Hilda, whose son has been in police custody for a while. He broke the unexpected news that it is very likely, from police findings that her son, Eric had been involved with Evans the Kidnapper. Initially, mama said her son had a shop where he sold musical instruments in Abuja.

It is then possible that the wife who ran away did so because she knew the kind of thing her husband was into. The ordinary president prepared mama’s mind for the worse because if found guilty, he’ll face the music of the crimes he is accused of committing.

Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike alias Evans is a Nigerian Kidnapper who is being tried for his involvement in kidnapping cases. In the course of interrogation, he mentioned his gang members and unfortunately, there’s a man named Eric from Imo State. At the moment we can’t confirm Madam Hilda’s son’s involvement until the police release their proofs.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah touched a very sensitive national issue. In Nigeria, as much as every citizen is avoiding and trying their best to run away from being victimized by poverty, it seems not to be curbed. The Ordinary President mentioned that the closure of borders have increased hardship. In other words, market prices of good have shot up and when you ask the traders why they’ll tell you it is because of the borders.

Visionary Leadership according to him is meant to cushion poverty and not put the lives of the followers at risk. This means that, a leader must be visionary as this will help him to put the interest of those he leads at heart and be more concerned about how they live.

A caller who identified himself as Usman opined that the closure seems reasonable because it will help made in Nigeria products to sell well. He expatiated by citing an instance of those who go to Cotonou to buy the same products they can get in Lagos just because it is believed the price is less. Yes, it is but they still have to pay fees to clear these goods from that country.

He believes that Nigerian producers can slash consignment prices so that people can be encouraged to buy their goods. Ordinary Dr. Ahmad then said that leadership is a sensitive position but when an insensitive person takes the position, he becomes unproductive. Nigeria is amongst the oil-producing countries but there has never been a time when accurate details about the number of barrels that are produced are given; we always have approximate figures.

Mrs. Bassey.

A superintendent of Police, Officer Peter Umar was during the program appreciated for a very good role he played in recovering Mrs. Bassey’s son who was taken from her. Mrs. Bassey reported at some point that the man who impregnated her tricked her to Abuja to retrieve his son.

It is observed that the rate at which men impregnate young girls so they can sell off these children is on the high. He made her believe that he got accommodation in Abuja but unknown to her, he had ulterior motives. On their arrival in Abuja, he gave her money to buy water after a long journey and while she was away, he absconded with the boy.

Barrister Uche while giving this report over the phone commended Officer Peter on the success of the investigation. He confirmed him credible because he has done several others successfully without comprising despite attempts by corrupt people to bribe him.

Brekete Family.

It is believed that Doctors are trained specially to save lives. While this is so in most cases, there are rare instances of those who do otherwise probably because they have failed to be humane and have made their pockets more important than lives. Medical negligence happens when a Medical Practitioner fails in his duty by prescribing a wrong medication to a patient that on the long run; hurts such patient. Blessing from Enugu is a victim.

Our Eastern region Correspondence, Excellence gathered that she became paralyzed after being treated for appendicitis. It happened in 1998, when Blessing was just 10 years old. She got back from school and complained of stomach ache. She was taken to the hospital and told she had appendicitis. She was booked for an appendectomy; surgery to remove the appendices.  After the surgery, she could no longer move her limbs because the cells were numb already.

She has been like that but never gave up; she took up a skill (bead making) and does it well. In his usual manner of affecting lives, the Ordinary President gave her 150,000. He also asked her to come to Abuja while he hands her over to Dr. Ogedengbe to see what can be done. He encouraged her that, no matter what happens; she will live and be celebrated.

Mr. Emma Ugbuaja.

A representative of the Public Complaints Commission, Mr. Emma Ugbuaja reminded listeners of the forthcoming International Ombud Expo scheduled to hold from 28th -31st October at Sheraton Hotel, Abuja.

Mr. Emma prepared the minds of intending attendees or participants on what to expect, some of which are; unparalleled insight into how institutions execute their roles and make a difference in government and organization, a session for honoring women who have taken up the task of ensuring peace. To the delight of those present, he announced that the Ordinary President will be speaking on how to use media to settle complaints.

AEDC Representstives.

The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, a lifetime partner of the Brekete family program, was represented by Tony Adolo, Hannah Zainab and Barr. George. The organization is concerned about the way its officials are humiliated at the point of carrying out their duties.

Barrister George stated that, to curb this act, the body (AEDC) and Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), has created a platform where consumers can tender their complaints. The Ordinary President commended AEDC and advised that the officials in the discharge of duties should apply human and public relations in their interaction.


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