Echem Blessing said her mother died when she was young but her siblings supported her through school as the last child of the family and they dropped out.

After they got married, they all began to die and they left their children in her care with her father being 95 years of age. She has gotten involved in business just to survive and make money to take care of her nieces and nephews.


After serving at the National Assembly as a corps member and working as a temporary staff for four years, her employment was not approved. She was denied access to people who would help her.

The Ordinary President called a senator representing Kebbi South senatorial District; Senator Bala Ibn Na’Allah and handed the case over to him. He agreed without delay and asked the complainant to see him in his office.

Aloma Ambo Lane, an Igbo from Abia state said she was in National hospital since December where her eyes were removed. After two weeks, there was a new growth and at the moment, she has been slated for another eye surgery.

The Ordinary president took over her treatment. On further questioning, she disclosed that she is a widow and she has five children to look after.


An update as regards Blessing, a lady who was duped by some ‘men of God’ was taken. She used to sell pap and had in her savings account money to a tune of about three million naira; she was even impregnated during the process as a result of a ‘prophecy’ given to her.

One of the Pastors, apparently the one responsible for her pregnancy is named Nnamdi. He said he met Blessing and proposed to her of which she agreed to marry him.

He went to his village for a burial and spent about two months as a result of an issue that came up during the period. He said she was careless with money and he had advised her several times to desist from such.

He wanted to travel to India and withdrew money from her account the sum of N500, 000 and every other withdrawal was ordered by her. He added that he was a victim of fraud too because someone duped him.

The woman responded and denied being his wife. She added that he had her ATM card and pin with him and withdrew money from her account without her knowledge and he went as far as lying to her about starting a cab business.

When she was sick, he took her phone and said he didn’t want anyone to disturb her.


Vincent Francis Suleiman complained that his father who is a police officer (an Inspector) has been missing. The Father who use to work at Alhaji Bamanga Tukur’s house was transferred to the National Assembly.

He left home on the 6th March, 2020 and told his relative and family about the transfer. He was expected to be home on Monday 9th, March 2020 but up to date, he’s nowhere to be found. His son said they tried his number but were unable to reach him.

On Thursday, a relative called his sister to inform him that someone said they have been looking for their father at work. Vincent went to his duty post to check on him, the private security said, the man said he was going out but they have not found him.

On getting to his station in Zone 3, the officer they met said, is it the man who locked his rifle inside the kitchen and went away? They were directed to meet the DPO who told him their father left the duty post without his rifle.


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