Mr. Suleiman Abdulrazak a.k.a. Akaramakalah.

The Ordinary President in his usual manner empathized with accident victims along the Life Camp road in Abuja. Few minutes into the program, the Ordinary President put a call through to Mr. Suleiman Abdulrazak, popularly referred to by members of the Brekete Family as Akaramakalah.

While on call, he informed him of an accident that happened along the Life Camp. He instructed that security officials should be informed and an ambulance be provided so that the victims are taken to the hospital immediately.

This amongst others is what the Ordinary President seeks to represent in a Nation filled with people who cater less for people. In a bid to save the lives of these people, he ensured and insisted that security officials do a follow up on the treatment given to them since they have been taken to the Federal Medical Centre, Jabi.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

As against speculations that the Ordinary President calls out only Government Officials who are not competent, he also applauds those who are doing excellent jobs in the different Government parastatals. During the Program, he commended the Federal Government’s intervention in confirming the resumption of activities at the Kaduna Inland Dry Port; which is going to provide and foster business activities especially the import and export.

Mr. Rotimi Raimi of the Kaduna Inland Dry Port (KIDP), gave the exciting news and said the port had resumed duties. He described it as ‘the port of origin for export and port of destination for import’ and confidently stated that it is the first of its kind in Nigeria.

In other words, it is available for import and export business. The port is said to have every feature that the Lagos port has except for the fact that while Lagos operates on water, the Kaduna port operates on land which does not stop the Ports from working together to achieve a singular goal.

Mr. Rotimi Raimi.

When asked by the ordinary President what the charge rate is like, he responded that it is pocket-friendly. Asides from the Port’s regular activities, it stands to increase job opportunities and is believed to have the ability to reduce poverty at 80% if properly managed.

While discussions were on, series of complaints came up, for instance, it was alleged that the Custom Officials charge extra fees before they allow owners of shipped goods have access to their properties. At other times, the owner is tossed around different offices and there is a delay in clearing at the port.

The Public Relations Officer, Mr. Attah was called by the Ordinary Dr. Ahmad who frowned at these acts exhibited by officials who are supposed to ensure a smooth business transaction. He was made to understand these grievances of which he promised to attend to immediately.

The Ordinary President suggested that he visits the studio so that he or a representative can educate people on importation and exportation, thus exposing people to the types of goods that are allowed and the expected charge fee over every good.

Brekete Family.

In the course of the Brekete family program, a caller who identified himself as Usman called to notify the Ordinary President and the members of the Brekete family about the killings in the Mabera area of Sokoto alleged to have involved officers of the Nigerian Air Force.

According to Usman, when asked if the news is confirmed as true, stated clearly that his wife who resides in Sokoto almost fell victim of the hazardous act. It was gathered that the issue is as a result of alleged harassment on an Officer’s girlfriend by a tea seller in the area. Usman reported that the officers shot sporadically; while a woman has been confirmed dead, others are said to be receiving treatment. it was alleged that the officers also manhandled a number of people.

Brekete Family.

The Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Musa was not pleased with the development and because of his interest in contributing selflessly to the nation’s development; he called on Barrister Uche to address the issue. The Legal Practitioner is supposed to carry out a proper investigation after which necessary actions will be taken out on these perpetrators of evil.

The Ordinary President who is known to frown at insurgency and unfair treatment of the masses encouraged anyone who is close to the President, Muhammadu Buhari to advise him and let him know the state of things in a Nation supposedly governed by him. He should realize that people are treated unjustly at the expense of the rich and selfish officials who have turned public offices to a Monarchical dynasty operated and inherited by their children.

Brekete Academy.

The Brekete Academy has announced series of trainings. The Academy provides opportunities for the young, old, employed, and unemployed to pick up one or more skills in order to be empowered and enjoy financial freedom. The website of the Brekete Academy  can be consulted for additional information.

  1. The Access Control Training-  Ezomo Louis Ojeamiren ( facilitator)

Date: 29th-31st October, 2019 (weekdays training), 2nd – 3rd November, 2019 (weekend training).

Training fee: 30, 000. Contact: 09075731473

Note: if you are among the first 15 to register, you get free access control

  • Ceiling Construction – Fafure Adesola Fortune ( facilitator)

Date: 29th-30th October, 2019

Venue: Onatrix garden, wuse zone 5

Training fee: 30, 000. Contact: 08028320657

  • Organic Skin care training- Comfort Okpere

Contact: 08092897290

Brekete Academy.
  • Satellite Installation: Anthony Ogie

Date: 7th-9th November, 2019

Training fee: 10,000. Contact: 08170922532

  • Network Setup training – Daniel Ihkille

Date: 5th-7th November, 2019 (weekdays), 9th -10th November, 2019 (weekend)

Bonus: a complete set of networking tools

Contact: 08035303418

  • Brekete Crispy Crunch( sticky popcorn, coconut flakes, milk candy etc) -Fatima Haruna (Chef Fatima)

Date: 2nd November, 2019. Training fee: 10,000. Contact: 08036448901

  • Online Business and skills training- Kelechi Nkwocha

Date: 2nd November, 2019 (weekend), 6th-7th November, 2019.

Contact: 07085160694

  • Event management training; gele tying and makeup

Date: 16th-20th December, 2019. Contact: 08087213045


  1. Proudly Nigeria Expo- website: . contact: 09092411111
  2. Global Food Festival in conjunction with Human Rights Radio. Contact: 09010871324. Tickets are available at the Human Rights Radio.


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