The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah commence the program by giving advice to the general public to get used to being positive in their ways of life.

The Ordinary President in his magnanimity list the complainants he made promise to and asked them to come up for him to redeem his pledge. 15:03 sec There was a case of armed robbery suspect caught in the act, the Ordinary President ask the public to the Police station for identification of the suspects.

36:00 sec The case of the lady that was frustrated by her school was treated. 54:00sec The case of a woman that her husband was duped by his friend was treated.

1:08:15sec The IG liaison was introduced into the program and he commends Nigerians on their conduct during the general election. 1:25:25sec The case of the woman that her bakery was shut down was treated and the other members of bakery association made a presentation.

1:34:30sec The case of the Nigeria Airways retirees was mentioned. 1:48:31sec The Brekete Family resource persons was introduced to end the program. 1:53:58sec


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