Suleiman Abdulrazaq and Comfort Okpere.

Everyday births new chances and it is left to whosoever is given these opportunities to make the most of them. Comfort Okpere encouraged and advised that anyone seeking to achieve various results should do things differently. Don’t stick to doing a particular thing while you expect different results.

Barrister Sadau Garba.

Barrister Sadau Garba, a Human Rights Lawyer based in Kaduna showered encomium on the Ordinary President and stated that in order to move Nigeria forward, there should be a coming together of like-minded individuals who seek to pursue a singular goal. He then encouraged that it is required of everyone to work hand in hand with the ordinary president so that we can bring to reality the Nigeria of our dreams.

FCE Obudu Representatives.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah gave opportunity to the representatives of the Federal College of Education, Obudu who came with contradicting statements on the alleged fraud involving the Bursar and the Provost.

Barrister Pius, a Legal Counsel together with the Deputy Registrar in charge of Public Relations, spoke at length and described in legal terms his client’s take on the story. While stating his claims, he said those who had earlier come to the studio to air their complaints did that without proper verification of facts.

The Deputy Registrar is of the opinion that ‘promotion is not a right’, that is, you are only entitled to promotion when it is deserved. At the moment, the case is inconclusive and the Ordinary Dr. Ahmad has promised to invite the EFCC and ICPC to look into the case on Monday.


Injustice in Nigeria is on the rise and if not curbed will destroy the good works being put together by good people to achieve good results. A case of sheer injustice was tabled before the house; a Mr. Reuben who worked for the National Veterinary Research Institute as an Auditor was dismissed unlawfully in 2007 on the basis that his certificate is not recognized. While serving as an auditor, he found out several illegal and corrupt practices and it looks more like, terminating his appointment will help secure these bad acts.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

It was discovered that those who fostered his dismissal, forged a document to that effect against the office of the Head of Service. When confronted, they denied having knowledge of it. Considering the presence of Legal Counsels and the Inspector General of Police, the Ordinary President asked that the case be looked into and necessary steps will be taken to ensure that it is properly handled. It will be revisited on Monday when representatives of the EFCC and ICPC will be present.


Mr. Abdullahi came on behalf of his brother who is a victim of injustice. He said his brother has been in prison for about ten years and is innocent of the accusation. In his statement, he made listeners to understand that his brother has been a transporter for a long time but on a fateful day, while going about his business; he was called to transport some goods by a group of men.

Unknown to him, they were members of a robbery squad. They were arrested, unfortunately, while the robbers were killed, he despite confessing his noninvolvement in crime has been in custody since. He also said that his brother presented his license and identity card just to buttress his point and prove his innocence but they fell on deaf ears.

Brekete Family.

It will interest you to know that the birthing of the nation we desire starts from our individual contributions. Whilst the Brekete Family Program was on, the Ordinary President received a text informing him of an accident along Kubwa road by Gwarimpa. He immediately beckoned on the IG liaison and the FRSC liaison to call their men to work.

As they got up to go, the FCT Sector Commander Wobin Ayuba Gwora called that they were there already and doing the needful. This implies that there are different ways to contribute to the growth no matter what sector we find ourselves, and whatever our job description is, we have a mandate to do it well.


Sylvanus who resides in Gwagwalada with his wife is a victim of inhumane behaviors exhibited by some people. He shared the story of how his daughter was abducted by his ‘supposed neighbor’. On the 22nd June  2019, he came home to realize that they have new neighbors and because every other tenant relates well with one another, they (his wife and him) were left with no choice than to welcome the co-tenants.

On 3rd July, he was home with his daughter when the new tenant was going out and invited Silvanus’s daughter to tag along. He initially objected but after persuading him that they were only going to a nearby market and will be back soon, he agreed but his hopes were dashed when his daughter and neighbor didn’t return. He said they all expected the husband who is assumed to be a tiler to return but he did not too. The alleged duo leaving some of their properties outside to avoid suspicion.

Young Nigerian Innovators.

The Proudly Nigeria Expo kicks off tomorrow and to commemorate that, a group of young innovators were present in the studio. According to them, they will be exhibiting their innovations; ranging from flyable cars to aircraft and other amazing things. Registration is ongoing, interested persons should call, 09092411111.

Ambassador Potopoto and Wife.

A major highlight of today’s episode of the Talk Magazine and Reality program was the presence of ‘Ambassador Potopoto’, the Brekete Ambassador in France and his wife. Everyone in the studio was elated because they get to finally meet the proverb guru; he has a proverb or more to back up his statement and is a core supporter of the program.

He thanked the amazing Ordinary President for what he is doing and prayed for him.  In the end, he said a proverb that got everyone laughing and he blew the kiss they’ve been expecting since he does it on phone.


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