The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah

Doing away with laziness and make sure you use your life to do something that’s worthy of emulation was the words from our Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah and as today’s program is dedicated for “Anti-Corruption /Whistleblowing” day, so the Ordinary President was quick to start cases.

The Brekete Family

He later make a reference to an interview that was conducted in Dubai that dealt a heavy blow on the situation in our country Nigeria as regards to leadership problem and he reiterate the fact to Brekete Family that the problem is not for those at the top alone but we should all check any position we find ourselves and try to be good to all our followers.

The Brekete Family

Later, two special cases was treated in Brekete Family program and it involves a widow that got married to a NDLEA officer and was maltreated by her in-laws and also, an old Nigerian businessman that worked with Liberian government and make it known that he needs a support from Nigeria government due to what he lost during Liberian civil war.

A Complainant
A Complainant

The Ordinary President promised to continue the case the following day, and he introduced the representatives of Legal-aid Council and he made a condolence on the loss of their colleagues.

The Representatives of Legal-Aid Council

The leadership problem in Nigeria is really a big issue to deal with because if our leader can do the right things, all will be well with us in Nigeria.


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