The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Leadership is tasking but being an effective leader matters more. As a leader, you should be mindful or conscious of what you do because you are looked up to by your followers.

Strive not to lay bad examples for those you are leading. Being in a position of leadership gives you an opportunity to showcase your traits and prove your worth. It is then required of you to maximize every opportunity that comes your way while involving and seeking opinions from people.

No man is an island of knowledge. Being a leader does not make you perfect or a know-it-all, in fact, it is a period when your weaknesses are revealed. To be on the safe side, it is expected to have a shared responsibility.

This implies that you encourage responsibility by giving those in your watch duties to perform. This way, you are not only imbibing confidence and a sense of responsibility in them; you are also relieving yourself of duties that can be detrimental to your effectiveness as a leader.

In other words, you are shedding off things that could easily weigh you down or debar you from doing well.

Brekete Family.

The idea of leadership should not be restricted to the office environment; it should be practiced in homes. The truth is a child ought to be trained to be a leader from home. When the culture is properly imbibed from home, the child becomes proactive wherever he finds himself.

So many children are not trained to be responsible from home and these are the kinds that end up being victims of withdrawal syndrome. They don’t fit into the circle of friends they naturally should.

These are the kids who have been abused on several occasions and were not allowed to speak up; these ones end up in a shell created for them by their abusers and it goes on for a long time until the issue is addressed.

While it is expected to train a child properly, it is right to give every child an opportunity to be responsible tomorrow. Remember they are the hope of tomorrow.

Mr. Daniel Oko.

Mr. Daniel Oko, an amazingly skilled woodcarver who developed this interest right from his childhood days had presented the Ordinary President with a hand-carved walking stick that has on it an inscription, ‘OD President’.  

He acknowledged and commended Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah on the good work he is doing for humanity. He said he would have painted the walking stick but his spraying machine was stolen. The Ordinary President appreciated his gift and gave him N10, 000 to take care of some of his needs.

He also permitted him to announce his Phone number; 09084030376 which provides an avenue for him to be patronized by interested persons. He was encouraged to be just and modest in his delivery of service because it would bring more customers to him.

The Walters.
The Mascot.

Mr. Ojem Walter and his wife, Abigail proved that it takes a team to achieve a goal. The duo presented the Ordinary President with a Mascot bearing the Human Rights Radio logo.

A mascot is a thing used to represent a group with a common public identity. The husband attributed the success of the job to the immense support he got from his wife. He described her as his backbone.

When the ordinary President asked where he learned it, he said it is something he creates in his mind and makes a realistic presentation. To the amazement of those in the studio, she put the mascot on to complement the presentation.

The Ordinary president was overwhelmed and impressed with their collaboration and the result they produced. He encouraged women to be supportive of their husband’s dreams because when the time comes for them to enjoy the fruits, no husband will deny her.

In this regard, he challenged the husband to carry out more research on Mascot designing and check for an institution where he can learn more and further develop his skills because he is willing to sponsor him to help perfect his designs.

The two of them were overwhelmed that their tears were uncontrollable as they showed appreciation to Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah who complimented the promise of sponsorship with monetary gifts and a bag of rice.

Their joy knew no bounds because today is a remarkable day and from their expressions, things turned out for good in their lives. The Ordinary President showered encomiums on Abigail and assured her that the world is proud of her for supporting her husband and being there for him.

Madam Nnenna Akamjemele.

Madam Nnenna Akajemele of SERVICOM appreciated the family for availing her team the opportunity to enlighten Nigerians in Service rendering. She said her presence makes it the 99th time.

She encouraged service providers to improve and commended those who have already made amends because according to her, ‘everybody has an expectation and it should be met’.

She came in the company of National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) representatives; Mr. Razaq Salami, the Spokesperson & Head of Commissioner’s Directorate and Mr. Ibinaye Timilehin, the Nodal Officer for SERVICOM.

Mr. Ibinaye (NAICOM Representative).

NAICOM started as a department in the Federal Ministry of Finance but became independent during Gen. Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida’s reign as Head of States. This arose from the need to regulate other insurance companies.

The commission is responsible for ensuring effective administration, supervision, regulation, and control of insurance business in Nigeria and the protection of insurance policyholders, beneficiaries and third parties to insurance contracts.

Mr. Ibinaye urged policyholders who have issues with insurance companies to write and address it to the Commissioner of Insurance, NAICOM as it promises to look into it and address the issues appropriately. He said many complainants who have insurance-related issues address their complaints to SERVICOM instead of NAICOM. He advised that this should be corrected.

NAICOM Representative.

Mr. Salami added that one of the upheld values of NAICOM is to protect policyholders. He described policyholders as those who patronize insurance companies for their products.

When an individual buys a product, it becomes the commission’s responsibility to ensure that the agreement or contract with the insurance company is respected and not breached. In essence, an insurance company seeks to cushion the effect of a disaster.

Moreover, in a situation where the insurance company failed in its duty, the case should be reported to NAICOM where the complaints will be attended to adequately.

NFF Complainants.

As promised, the unveiling of corrupt practices in NFF resumed and the complainants and their colleagues were present in the studio.

Asides Emmanuel Babayaro, Coach James Peters and Tunde Aderibigbe who have contributed immensely to this unveiling process, the program had in attendance people who attested to the ongoing illegal practices in the organization.

A renowned Sports journalist, Ikedi Isiguzo traveled down from Lagos to lend his voice and reveal what he knows about NFF and you bet it was a shocking revelation.

Emmanuel Babayaro appreciated the Family for the support given to them since the beginning of what seemed like an unattainable feat. He commended Nigerians for the amazing feedback and encouragement and for wanting to hear the truth.

He expressed bitterness at the way the female football team members are handled. He said their payments are most times delayed and to provide succor for themselves, many of them dabble into prostitution.

Also in attendance was Mr. Chinedu Okoye who is a football club owner and Mr. Saheed from League Management Company, a company whose Chairman is Shehu Dikko.

Mr. Ikedi Isiguzo.

Mr. Ikedi Isiguzo said he has been reporting sports since 1978 and described sports as being the right of every human. He mentioned that the Olympics body recognizes sports as a unifying body and an equalizing factor. He confirmed Emmanuel’s statement on the mistreatment of female football players.

He said that there were times when they have had to go on riot just for them to get paid. He further explained that in other cases, whenever a complaint was aired, such complainant is sacked.

He dropped the bombshell that NFF is not a legal body that the recognized body is NFA, that is, Nigeria Football Association.

The Former Minister of Sport, Solomon Dalong called in during the program and described the situation of the female team as pathetic. He shared his encounter with one of the girls who told him that as at November 2018, they had not received any pay since May.

Mr. Saheed.

Mr. Saheed explained his ordeal in LMC. He said his appointment was terminated without reasons in 2018. He said that as far as LMC is concerned, no employee has an employment letter, no means of identity, and no organogram.

He explained that LMC accrues more funds but does not pay the salary of its employees.  Chinedu Okoye contributed by saying that Shehu Diko’s appointment as Chairman of LMC is illegal because NFF President runs NFF as a Cabal and so he appointed Dikko to be in charge of LMC which is a private organization.

This according to Chinedu’s claims means that Dikko was not elected to the position he is presently occupying but was appointed against the statutes of NFF.


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