Comfort Okpere a.k.a Complete Package.

While so many people assume and believe that the idea of taking Saturday off work is just to sleep and ease off the stress of the week, some believe that it is a time to ponder on and take a deep reflection on what area that needs to be improved on. It is good to note that both schools of thought are right.

Rest is essential for the body as much as reflections are because it puts you on your toes and lets you see the loopholes and possible solutions. Comfort Okpere while addressing listeners suggested that no one should put all their eggs in one basket.

That is, there should be other plans to fall back on. She also said it is not advisable to squander all one’s earnings on things that are not needed. As good as the idea of enjoyment is, self-discipline is more important.

Suleiman Abdulrazaq a.k.a Akaramakalah.

Suleiman Abdulrazaq alias Akaramakalah announced that the Saturday Edition of the Talk Magazine and Reality program is dedicated to those in the diaspora who would love to contribute and air their views. While speaking, he recognized the presence of Ambassador Potopoto and his ‘Lolo’. He welcomed and remembered the first time he heard Potopoto speak over the phone and the proverb he used.

Ambassador Potopoto and Wife.

In light of this, he begged him to say another one since it looks like; he has a special Dictionary of Proverbs. The Ambassador said ‘person wey go buy poison dey wait for change, e never ready to die’. In plain English, it means, anyone who goes to buy poison and waits to collect change, does not have the intention to die because if he does, he knows he won’t need the change after he’s dead.

The session witnessed a number of calls; international and local. Many of those who called in were pleased with the good works that the Ordinary President is doing to restore sanity to the Country. Some of them even said they are now interested in returning to Nigeria because they want to be a part of the drastic change going on. These callers prayed for the Ordinary President.

Brekete Family.

Also, a caller who is a native of Enugu said there is a locality in the state without proper water supply and that the natives usually travel hours to get water from neighboring villages. There were speculations that the story is not true but in the long run, and from different experiences, it was concluded that such condition is rampant especially in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

In response, Engineer Muhammad Abdullahi suggested that those affected should make a move by consulting the Community and Social Development Project (CSDP) offices close to them. At the mention of that, everyone seems surprised because it doesn’t sound familiar and to many, it’s not in existence.

According to him, these offices are in all states of Nigeria except Jigawa and Kano amongst others. The CSDP is created to mobilize resources, improve skills and knowledge to promote community-driven development for positive impact on the poor and vulnerable in Nigeria.  

Brekete Academy.

The Brekete academy announced the different aspects of their trainings. Details are on the website

Chef Fatima was in the studio with some of her students who had completed their food processing training. When asked to speak, they all applauded the organizers and the Ordinary President for availing them the opportunity to tap from the wellspring of knowledge. Participants confirmed the authenticity of the program and the impact it has on them already. Fatima Muhammad Bello who travelled from Kano said she her love for cooking initially took her to Mauritania but after all she learnt, she could not boast of anything.

Brekete Academy Student.

She said Chef Fatima’s training has re-ignited her passion for cooking and she is ready to make a living out of it. Chiwendu Ezeokeke from Anambra said she learnt new recipes and now has knowledge of the different available natural and healthy spices that she can use in cooking delicious meals.

In her words ‘we have been exposed and upgraded’. Chef Fatima announced emphatically that anyone who participates in her training is not expected to come there with practical materials because it is available. She frowned at those who syphon money from their husbands claiming she asked them to buy certain items.

Amidst this, it is expected that a student goes home to put into practice all he or she has learnt and that’s easier when you buy. Mr. Pius Monye, a resident of Atlanta, USA appreciated Chef Fatima and said he will send his daughter to learn ‘one or two’ things from her.


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