The death penalty is a lawful punishment in Saudi Arabia. The nation performed no less than 158 executions in 2015, no less than 154 executions in 2016, and something like 146 executions in 2017.

Capital punishments in Saudi Arabia are articulated only dependent on the arrangement of legal condemning caution (tazir) as opposed to Sharia-endorsed (hudud) disciplines, following the traditional rule that hudud punishments ought to be stayed away from if possible. The ascent in capital punishments amid late decades came about because of a purposeful response by the administration and the courts to an ascent in fierce wrongdoing amid the 1970s and paralleled comparable improvements in the U.S. also, Mainland China in the late twentieth century.

Saudi Arabia has a criminal equity framework dependent on a hardline and strict type of Shari’ah mirroring a specific state-endorsed translation of Islam.

It is normally done openly by executing with a sword. An ongoing report by the European Saudi Organization for Human Rights (ESOHR) demonstrates that the quantity of decapitations in the kingdom amid the main quarter of 2018 rose by more than 70 percent contrasted with a similar period last year. Occasionally they can be performed by shooting.

The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah started the program by condemning the recent execution of Nigerians in Saudi Arabia and thereby challenging all Muslims to rise up for justice because most of these people being executed are innocent.

As the case of human trafficking in Nigeria is on the rise, the Ordinary President condemns this act and raised alarm on a case of some Nigerian women currently in Turkey who are waiting to be rescued and he showed evidences. He puts everyone in the studio in an emotional mood as he made more revelations on happenings in the world and how Nigerians are being treated or rather how they treat themselves.

Callers from Nigeria and abroad called in to react to all these matters raised.


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