The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Many government officials and supposed leaders are selfish and it is possible to hold them responsible for the decay and ruins going on in the country. When a leader is selfish, he thinks of himself and all that’s his. He doesn’t put to mind the interest of those who voted him into the position.

Many of them draw Nigeria backward through their involvement with godfathers and cabals who seek to go after suiting their selfish interest. Traditional rulers are advised to desist from politics in order to retain the honor due to them as a result of their position.

To achieve a selfless society, the home should be the first school to impact this discipline.  

Brekete Family.

Women run the home should be respected because they mold and hold the society. They are homemakers and should not be trampled underfoot. Women are examples of selfless beings because if they were not, the world would be inhabitable.

Many women go extra miles for their family to have something to eat and put on. The Ordinary President accorded honor to women as said that a successful marriage is attributed to the woman’s effort.

He warned against youthful exuberance which has become the order of the day. Many youths especially girls no longer care about their appearances but prefer to go about half-dressed. It appears unreasonable but these ones need to be cautioned before the unimaginable happens and become the norm.

Brekete Family.

Clothes were designed to cover the body and not to expose. Video vixens should also come to realize that they do themselves more harm than good because, their bodies are bared to the minimum whilst the guys have a cover.

A consensus should be reached and the trending nudity should be discussed and abolished if possible.  

Also, it is important that a girl is guided by someone with an excellent sense of reasoning else the future is at stake. It appears that homosexuality and lesbianism are taking over.

Many young boys and girls get involved in these immoral acts and if it’s not addressed in time, it becomes a lifestyle. Parents should be conscious of the kinds of friends their child or ward keeps because it poses a lot of risks if the friends are bad.

Halimah Sadia Yusuf.

Halima Sadia Yusuf, a woman who had fibroid for 6 years and was operated after coming to Brekete Family. She returned to appreciate the Ordinary President and the entire Family for the help rendered.

She thanked the family of the woman who offered to pay for her treatment and prayed for everyone. She said she experienced God’s intervention while in the hospital.

The Ordinary President was shocked at the transformation and he encouraged her to feed well so she can recuperate fully.  He also called Blessing from India who footed the hospital bills and appreciated her kind gesture.

Emmanuel Sani.

Emmanuel Sani, a one-time under-17 Nigerian footballer has been down with an illness. This was disclosed by a caller from the United Kingdom who told the Ordinary president about the young man’s ordeal and that the Nigerian Government is doing nothing to that effect.

According to him, other countries make available provisions to cater for the needs of their unfit footballers. Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah was moved with empathy and he put a call through to Emmanuel who explained to him that he is presently nursing a terrible injury referred to as ‘Achilles Tendonitis’.

He commended the former footballer who won the award of the ‘World Best Player’ and ‘Highest Goal Striker’ in that category. He, therefore, promised to raise money for treatment so that he can travel to Germany for proper treatment.

Emmanuel Babayaro said NFF is capable of taking care of him but has neglected him and left him to his fate. Coach James Peters described him as the ‘Most Valuable Player’ in the tournament.

Emmanuel said the cost of surgery is N2.7 Million but one of his teammates has successfully raised over 1 Million Naira for the surgery which was initially scheduled to hold in a Lagos hospital.

The Ordinary President advised and encouraged him to begin to process how to get a refund of the money so that whatever is left will be taken care of by the Brekete family to ensure he has a beautiful and remarkable recovery experience. Despite not being in the studio, he was honored with a standing ovation by those in attendance.

AEDC REpresentative.

Abuja Electricity Distribution Company was represented by Mr. Oyebode Fadipe, Mr. Biodun Dirisu, and Mr. Kamar. Mr. Fadipe advised residents who are interested in Meters to do so by following due process which includes registering online amongst other things.

He assured that though challenges will arise, the organization will be responsible for resolutions. Mr. Dirisu advised against bush burning as it is close to harmattan season already. He said that many times the fires become wild that it consumes some wooden electrical poles that end up being disastrous.


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