The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah starts the program by advising men to be active on their decision making and stay away from youthful exuberance.

He later advice the youth to desist from violence during celebration of the general election victory. The representatives of Consumer Protection Council was introduced into the program.

42:45sec The representatives of CPC later made a presentation to the general public based on bank transactions and charges. 58:05sec The Ordinary President made mention of the new partnership with NSCDC which will sponsor a program in Human Rights Radio.

1:31:55sec The case of the policeman that was shot in the eyes was treated and the Force Headquarters promised to see through the case. 1:34:50sec The case of the man that was owed by a company was treated and the Ordinary President promised to make a call to the MD tomorrow.

1:42:40sec The Brekete Family resource persons was introduced. 1:47:00sec The Ordinary President made a call to Mr. Rumi Efeteh, a former lecturer of National Broadcasting Academy seek for his support, to end the program. 2:01:30sec


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