The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

When you are given a responsibility, it is required that you put in positive energy to achieve results that are expected of you. In discharging duties, you either do it effectively or ineffectively. The former produces positive results while the latter produces negativity.

There’s no single method of doing things, it is okay to diversify in your approach and applications to get different results. When you get used to doing things in a particular way, it becomes really difficult to change.  Frantic efforts should be put into making things happen positively.

Everyone has leadership traits in them; what makes the difference is that many people let their traits die off while some will key into it, water it and make it blossom.

Brekete Family.

Believe in what you can do; believe in yourself as you hand over the rest to God who is well able to give you the strength to pull through all the odds already pictured by you to be obstacles to your success.  When you begin to make waves, you should not get intoxicated by power.

Laziness and Idleness are not to be combined. If a person is characterized as being lazy and idle at the same time, it is possible that such has reached his wits end.

An idle man has nothing to offer or is yet to discover the many things he has to offer while a lazy man has things doing but has chosen to probably take a break from doing it or stop putting effort to make it succeed.

In essence, someone who is lazy and idle at the same time needs to be taught some good lessons in life.

Emmanuel Sani.

The Ordinary President welcomed Emmanuel Sani, the U-17 player who got international recognitions but is being limited due to an injury from pursuing his career.

He came to the studio as requested by the Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah who sought to meet him in person in order to make every necessary preparation for his proposed treatment in Germany soon.

Brekete Family.

There was an emotional outburst when a caller complained of the Police force’s refusal to pay her late father’s pension. The Ordinary President tried to put himself together but he couldn’t help because he understood clearly what the families of the deceased are made to go through after the death of their loved ones.

This is not the first time people will call in to complain about non-payment of gratuity, especially by the Nigerian Police Force. He literally condemned what officials in major Parastatals are doing. Many of them pay little or no attention to the needs of the governed once they are able to meet their selfish needs.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah revealed that many Government Parastatals inflate budgets and are still found guilty of underperforming. He made this revelation while he read the budget of one of the major sectors in Nigeria that have not met the masses’ expectations of proper governance.

The administrative company concerned with managing the electricity pool in the Nigerian electricity supply industry, NBET; Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading’s 2017-2019 budget was read to the shock of everyone present.

One of the amazing things is that the organization included in its budget what it termed Relocation to new office complex. Money for relocation was included in the budget from 2017- 2019 and it is believed that these monies were released to the electricity sector.

The question is, how many times did they have to relocate in three years and to where? Other items were listed where the request was to the tune of several billions of naira. He said the essence of doing this is for Nigerians to know that there is money in Nigeria and that there is a need to stand up to their rights as citizens who are governed.

He opined that Nigeria is not supposed to borrow money because if finances are properly managed, there won’t be a need to. The budget has been released and due to previous processes, there will be a need to borrow when there are debts to be serviced.

Mr. Tunde Irukera.

The Executive Vice Chairman of Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, Mr. Tunde Irukera discussed the issue of transportation in Nigeria. Though many Nigerians travel by road, there are other means of transportation including Air, Rail, and Sea.

As the year is drawing to an end, a lot of traveling will occur and many transport companies will make profits and some others will not deliver excellently. In this regard and to avoid negative stories, FCCPC is organizing a summit with the FRSC where the Corps marshal will be taking the lead role of addressing issues road users’ experience.

Brekete Family.

The meeting will involve many consumer organizations. The essence is to discuss security, comfort, and fairness during scheduled trips. Passengers are entitled to getting good service.

A transport company should ensure to put properly maintained vehicles on the road. They should also work towards offering comfort and fairness to passengers. If a vehicle is not going to a particular destination, tickets should not be sold because the customers are left stranded on the long run.

The Ordinary President advised him to tell the Federal Government to repair the roads as many Nigerian roads are not motor worthy. These roads are threats to human security because they are instrumental to the many fatal and ghastly accidents on record.

Mr. Ikedi Isiguzo.

Mr. Ikedi Isiguzo, a renowned sports journalist said football is not properly managed despite being the major sport being focused on. Nigeria did not qualify for the Olympics because there are manipulations and diversion of funds in the organization.

He further expounded on the fact that NFF is an illegal body because it is not recognized in the law; instead, it is recognized as the Nigeria Football Association.

The money released by FIFA to NFA is meant for the development of football and players at large and not for executives who squander it on unnecessary things without channeling the resources the right way.

The money is supposed to serve as encouragements for players but in the absence of that, they lose interest in participating. The women league has done better than the men but is treated less.

Many times, they are treated by the body like they are an inconvenience which is totally not impressive. Football should contribute to the nation’s GDP but Nigeria’s funds are looted by selfish officials.


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