Akaramakalah and Consultant Iyke Ezeogu.

The Extraordinary Akaramakala appraised the Ordinary President for the good job he has allowed God use him to do. The program had in attendance representatives from the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission (ICPC) and representatives of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria.

ICPC Representatives.

Whenever an anti-corruption agency shows up, it means there are cases that need prompt attention. Some of the complainants from the Federal College of Education, Obudu returned to the studio to clear the air over an alleged contradicting story told by the PRO and the Legal Counsel on Friday.

Contrary to these allegations, Asu Theresa and Asu Comfort have come out to state their stories before ICPC so that necessary actions can be taken before things go out of hand. They are whistleblowers who have come out to reveal the corrupt practices going on in the aforementioned school.

Asu Comfort served as the Treasurer for Non- Academic Staff Union (NASU), FCE Obudu chapter. While in service, she noticed that there were shady transactions going on and involving the Chairman of the Union who always wants to sign checks and make withdrawals. She summoned the courage to address the issue by reporting to the necessary quarters but unfortunately, it seems there won’t be a lasting solution.

FCE Obudu Complainants.

The more she tries to get these practices to a halt, the deeper it gets and she ends up being edged out. She said, after trying her best to talk to the Registrar who is assumed to be in the best position to call the said chairman to order, she decided to notify the National Office in Ibadan about the practices. They did all they could to end it but the Chairman and his cohorts flouted orders which later resulted in the dissolve of the union by the National body.

Despite the dissolve, they still operated under a false name and were still deducting money from the account of their staff members. Comfort explained that some of those who contributed to the union were given above the usual and a particular amount has to be remitted to the Chairman’s account. 

Amongst other alleged corrupt practices is that the Bursar and the Provost hacked the school’s Pension account and carted over 125 million Naira. According to Comfort, the case is being investigated by the EFCC Uyo chapter and nothing positive has been done, instead; the alleged Provost and Bursar got paid after suspension.


From her statement, it is evident that EFCC officials in Uyo have compromised their offices and that’s why it was easy to tell her to let go of the matter. When asked what she wanted, she said that it is her desire that people get paid of what they are being denied of; in essence, she is not fighting for herself but for those whose rights have been infringed upon.

The school management has not been pleased about all that is happening and has threatened to banish Comfort and Theresa who have taken bold steps to unveil this misappropriation of funds and maladministration in the said school. The management has gone to the extent of serving each of the complainants queries at different times and has even gone as far as terminating their appointments. The case has been handed over to the ICPC and the Nigeria Police because it is evident that Comfort and Theresa’s lives are at stake and there’s a need to protect them.

FMBN Representatives.

Because of the Federal Government’s intention to help improve the living condition of its citizens, it has in conjunction with the Federal mortgage Bank put in place a special intervention to ease the stress of having to put a shelter over one’s head.

The scheme was introduced and explained by the representatives of the Bank namely; Abubakar Musa Omar, the Deputy General Manager and Head of the Treasury Services and Capital, Ibrahim Nafada, Deputy Manager, Group Head Special Products, Jimoh Olanrewaju Apata, Unit Head and Ahmed Abubakar, Group Head, Corporate Communications.

Brekete Family

The FMBN loan is strictly for housing. It is payable with just a 6% interest rate. Mr. Abubakar Musa who spoke at length educated listeners on how to get the loan and what it entails. He said it is for Nigerians between the ages of 18-60 and it is accessible when you contribute 2.5% of your monthly income for 6 months. Accessing the loan is very flexible because, for someone who is applying for 5 million naira, you don’t need to contribute for 6 months before you are granted, what matters is your affordability, that is, it is what you earn that determines what you are given.

The contribution is for those applying for up to 15 million naira. He further explained the different categories that are accessible under the National Housing Fund Scheme, for instance, the Renovation Loan is exclusively for the refurbishing of one’s house and in this category, it is easy to apply for 1 million and repay in 5 years.

Brekete Family.

The officials informed listeners of the attractive benefits of taking the loan. For instance, once you pay up your loan, you are entitled to 2% of what you contributed, that is from the 6% interest. Also for those who are interested, it is pertinent to know that there are FMB offices in all states of the federation; a total of 39 state offices and 8 Zonal offices.

Consultant Iyke Ezeogu of the Brekete Smart City confirmed all that was said and attested to its authenticity as a beneficiary. He said he benefitted from the scheme five years ago and he doesn’t have a problem as it is very flexible. He further explained that the Brekete Smart City is partnering with the Federal Mortgage Bank to help those who are subscribers access the loan and be owners of their homes as that is the reason behind the Brekete Smart City.


One of the most unpleasant experiences is for parents to bury their own children. As much as we cannot prevent such from happening when it does, there is a need to give honor to the dead. How would rats invade a morgue and feed on the human eye and tongue amidst other parts?

Mr. Sola Yekini explained in tears that he lost his 5-year-old son to the cold hands of death and the body was immediately deposited at the Suleja General Hospital but unfortunately, at the time the bereaved parents went to claim the body and prepare for it burial, they realized that some parts of the body have disappeared including the tongue that was cut through the cheeks.

When the father reported the case to the police, it was attended to immediately but later dismissed. He was told to go and bury his dead on the grounds that the case will be visited after the burial. That’s the worst thing that can happen to a human carcass that should be left to rest. When the hospital management was called to order, they blamed it on rats (they must be of a special breed to specialize in tongue cutting).

When the DPO A-division Suleja was called, he claimed to have told Mr. Yekini to take the dead boy to Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital so an autopsy can be carried out as to the cause of the disappearance of the parts of the body.


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