The Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah and Comfort Okpere

The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah commence the days Brekete Family program by reminding members that we are all leaders in our respective capacity. He reiterated the fact to be a leader, members must prepare their mind at all time for any opportunity that will surface stressing it that, it is when opportunity meet readiness that one can utilized it to the fullest.

The Brekete Family

 Furthermore, the Ordinary President admonished parents to make it a routine of waking their children and wards to inculcate in them the spirit of hardworking, dedication and commitment.

The Brekete Family

The Ordinary President spoke bitterly of a complainant that was used as experimental specimen by a medical practitioner. As a result the lady is suffering from serious complications. He promise to right the wrong done to her by ensuring those behind this act would be brought to book.

A Complainant

A case was heard of a police officer was wrongly dismissed and imprisoned by the force on the allegation of being a gang leader to some group of kidnappers. The police was given an award by the then governor of Abia State, as a gallant police officer when he revealed information that led to the arrest of some group of kidnappers. This generated a lot of hatred from colleagues especially the DPO, thus the allegation that that led to his sacking.

A Student from Brekete Academy

The Ordinary President charge the members of the alternative despite resolution (ADR) as well as the IG liaison present in the studio to champion the course of this man and ensure that justice is done.

A representatives of Abuja Chambers of Commerce

Alternative dispute resolution was a discuss of the day and the representatives of Abuja Chambers of Commerce made a presentation based on their functionalities and their roles in dispute resolution. The Brekete Family Smart City also was presented by Consultant Iyke and the Ordinary President introduced some Students of Brekete Academy to end the program.


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