The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Emeka Ezeugo, a Nigerian based in the USA called into the Friday’s episode of the Brekete Family Program to expose more irregularities going on in the Nigeria Football Federation.

According to him, though based outside Nigeria, he was born in Aba and therefore recognizes and can relate well with every allegation against NFF and he confirmed them to be valid.

He described the NFF president as a corrupt man who believes in sorting things out by bribing people. He alleged that the Former Attorney General of the Federation was given a bribe of N500 Million alongside three EFCC officials who received N50 Million each.

Brekete Family.

Emeka is a retired footballer and has a played in about five continents in his 15-year playing career. He is currently a coach. He revealed a lot about NFF corrupt practices including diversion of funds and maladministration.

He prayed President Muhammadu Buhari to fight corruption with whatever it will cost. He described President Buhari as a man of integrity but that all he is doing to wage war against corruption is almost yielding no result because of the influence of the cabals who are master-minding every operation under the guise of true leadership. He promised to send videos to the Ordinary President as evidence for his claims.

Catriona Laing.

The first female British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Catriona Laing was privileged to address the Brekete Family. In her address, she commended the Ordinary President and the Family at large for doing what other people avoid; lending a voice and listening ears to people who are in need.

She stated the purpose of her visit was to remind Nigerians especially victims of sexual abuse of the ’16 days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence’. The international campaign is to challenge violence against women and girls and it kicked off on 25th November, 2019 and will run till 10th December, 2019.

Catriona described the symbol of the Orange colored jacket as a symbol of a brighter future free of violence. Speaking further, she emphasized the importance of speaking up. She advised victims to speak up as soon as possible because the sex offenders register will be launched very soon and this will make it easier to lay hands on the abuser.

The Ordinary President pleaded with her to present the case of the PDP women leader who was burnt alive to the United Nations. She was glad and said she is ready to address the issue and will encourage that the act is condemned.

Ikedi Isiguzo.

The Renowned sports journalist, Mr. Ikedi Isiguzo expressed gratitude for the opportunity given him to air his opinion about the NFF issue. He commended the NFF President, Amaju Pinnick and said in the history of football in Nigeria, no one has raised more money as Pinnick had done.

Also, no administration has ever been elected twice asides Pinnick’s. The only problem is the corrupt practices which have eaten deep into the association and have rendered the same administration inactive.

He further encouraged the Federal Government to consider sponsoring other sports in Nigeria so that talents will no longer lie to waste.

NBA Awards Representatives.

Representatives from The Nation Builders Achievers Award have presented a certificate Nomination to the Ordinary President in recognition of his laudable achievements and his contribution to the human race, especially to the Nation’s development.

Certificate of Nomination.

The spokesperson, Raymond Jefferson confessed that he feels really blessed to have finally met the Ordinary President who is being talked about and whose impact is felt home and abroad. The award ceremony is scheduled to hold on the 16th December, 2019 by 7 pm at NAF Conference Center.

The Ordinary President received the certificate and appreciated the organization for recognizing what God has been helping him to do. He reemphasized that the ‘Ordinary’ before his name is a reminder of who he really is before God.  


Tella Damania; a young lady who called the Ordinary President was in the studio.  She informed him of the Nigerian Police’s refusal to pay her late father’s gratuity and entitlement. At the time of death, he was an Inspector.

She said her father died in January 2014 and her family has been feeding from hand to mouth. The family used to reside in Lagos but due to hardship after the father’s death, they relocated to their hometown; Nyuwar in Gombe State.

Damania said that her mum resorted to farming so as to fend for the family. She was taken to the Force Headquarters and assured of a good result.

She was instructed to tell her mother and her late father’s next of kin to come to the Headquarters with every necessary document to speed up the release of the said fund.


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