Akaramakallah and Complete Package.

Responsibility is a virtue. Anyone who is responsible earns respect from everyone he comes in contact with. Being responsible implies that you don’t play the blame game.

Anyone who blames other people for his mistakes is not ready to learn and adjust and that way he is only trying to portray through his attitude that there is a limit to which he can take blames for his wrong actions.

Brekete Academy Student.

Brekete Academy has mouth-watering training coming up this November. Meanwhile, a number of participants who took part in the Photography and Retouching class were in attendance to share their experiences, express gratitude to the Ordinary President and the entire Brekete Family for availing them the rare privilege.

One of the students, Kuseriki AbdulRahman, a 12-year-old said he is confident that he has learnt from a worthy teacher and he is sure to make ample use of all he’s learnt. Okafor Raphael Chibuike’s joy was visible and that’s a proof that he got more than he bargained. He is a 400 level student who came to Abuja for internship and now has more stories to tell.

Brekete Academy Student.

He said he listened to the advert on the radio and decided to take it up though he didn’t have the money at that time. After speaking to the Facilitator, they reached an agreement on how to pay though it didn’t look like it was forthcoming. He appreciated his mother who paid for the training.

Akaramakallah and other attendees were impressed at the young man’s display of sincerity. Akaramakallah said that it is not everyone who can reach an agreement and be faithful to it. Some of the Facilitators have had experiences with those who would promise to pay when they get the money; they acquire the knowledge and vanish into thin air never to be heard from again then leaving the resource person at a loss.

Brekete Family.

The Brekete Academy’s Lady Duvet has done the family proud at the Proudly Nigeria Expo where she showcased her Center Table structures made from used tires. Dr. Jummai announced this excitedly when she called on the program and encouraged Nigerians never to look down on whatever is made in this country.

There is no other way to support Made in Nigeria products than patronizing the inventors in a bid to encourage their talents. A caller from Michigan buttressed Dr. Jummai’s point and encouraged Nigerian youths to take skill acquisition serious because it is a ‘lifesaver’ when there’s no regular stream of income.

Mr. Emmanuel

Mr. Emmanuel thanked the entire Brekete Family and showered encomium on the Ordinary President. He also praised Dr. Ruzu for his supplements. He had a urinal challenge that got him using catheter so he can easily pass liquid but the pain persisted until he met Dr. Ruzu who prescribed a supplement and encouraged him to pull off the catheter in three days and today, he is doing really fine.

Officials of the Nigeria Police Force were appreciated for actively doing what is required of them and for restoring the profession’s dignity. Mr. and Mrs. Sylvanus, the parents of the Missing child in Gwagwalada wrote to appreciate the Police who have taken up the case and are set to deliver positively.


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