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It’s another Wednesday and here’s the food for thought, ‘you get the result of whatever you feed or put your energy into; either positive or negative’. it is better to feed your positive energy because it gives you fulfilment.

Mr. Emma Ugboaja of the Public Complaints Commission was in the studio to give updates on the ongoing International Ombuds Expo and its importance to conflict management. He described the event as one that is set to change the way and manner in which conflict is managed in Nigeria positively.

PCC Representative; Mr. Emma Ugboaja.

The Expo at the moment has in attendance 56 countries and 116 delegates including Supreme Court Judges who have come together to interact and share opinions of common interest. It is expected that at the end of the Expo, experiences are shared and new methods on how to curb administrative injustice and excesses are learnt.

He further explained that EFCC is seeking partnership with PCC so that bringing to order these evil perpetrators will be easier. Not only that, the Federal Government is ready to put to use all that’s going to be learnt. He finally announced to the delight of everyone that the Ordinary President will be privileged to share his conflict resolution strategies at the program.

The Public Complaints Commission serves as a tool for the control of administrative excesses or injustices at Federal, State and Local Government levels. It is an organ of the government set up to redress complaints lodged by citizens who have fallen victims of administrative failures. Because of what the office represents and stands to achieve, issues were addressed in that regard.


Mr. Najib Oyedele worked for the Head of Service until 2016 when his file and documents suddenly ‘disappeared’ from the office. He said he was posted to Abuja as a driver and was attached to several offices to chauffeur Officials but in 2016, he lost his wife.

And since then, his files were declared missing and he doesn’t even know if he is retired or officially dismissed. Every initial effort to reinstate or get the documents proved abortive but it is believed that since PCC is taking the case up, it will be resolved.


Mohammed Bashir, a complainant resident in Bauchi said he has not been able to access his late brother’s entitlement. From his explanation, it is deduced that he is the next of kin and he began processing the gratuity but has not been attended to on the grounds that the pension board are supposedly verifying the death certificate.

His brother who is believed to have died in 2017 worked at the Federal Medical Centre, Bauchi but it is taking the Pensions board over a year to verify his death and do the needful.

In a bid to offer assistance and give these people what is rightfully theirs, they were handed over to  PCC representative, Mr. Emma Ugbuaja.

Updates were received on previously addressed issues.

FCE Obudu Complainants.

First, the FCE Obudu aggrieved staff reported that the ICPC officials got their statements and promised to act on it. The SP Salisu Agaisa also called the Obudu DPO and requested that security be provided for the women as it is evident that their lives are at stake. The DPO on his part said they didn’t report to him officially but he would try his best to ensure their safety.

One of the women, Comfort said she got reports that the Bursar asked that her brother be transferred to an annex campus because he is suspected to be an informant to the duo. They pleaded that the Government comes to their aids and make sure justice prevails.

Barrister Ogo.

Also, Mr. Yekeen whose son died and whose body was mutilated even at death called in to express gratitude on the part that the Brekete Family is playing to ensure these evildoers are exposed.

He explained that the CID examination proved that the parts weren’t eaten by rats but were cut out intentionally and that the police officials have gotten the mortuary attendants arrested and questioned but the sad thing is that he is being called and told to bury the body else he’ll be charged to court.

As far as the law is concerned, there is nothing to back the claim up because according to Barrister Ogo, the dead has a right irrespective of the age and no one has the right to teach anyone how to bury their dead. Justice needs to prevail before anything else is done.


At this juncture, the Ordinary President who has been absent called in to address both updates. He requested that adequate security be provided for the Obudu whistleblowers and Mr. Yekeen’s family.

He expressed his pains and heartfelt pity to the Yekeens and ordered that the family is given N50, 000 to cater for their needs as they have had to spend a lot and Mr. Yekeen complained of not having a dime after transporting himself to Minna. He requested that the Nigeria Police should ensure he is safe because he just unveiled the strategies used by ritualists.

If a dead child’s organ can be harvested, then it means it is not the first of its kind but victims who are afraid have kept quiet. He explained further that it is high time every Nigerian took the bull by its horn and fight against corruption. If everyone is scared to die, corruption will continue.

Brekete Family.

From his opinion, this act was carried out by men who are diabolical and occultist. It is very difficult to get them down because they have strong backups amongst public officials and they behave that way because it will be ‘settled’ and they won’t be apprehended.

Regarding the Obudu issue, he handed them over to the Federal Government, ICPC and the Nigerian Police. The Federal Government because they passed the whistleblowing policy and whosoever is found credible should be protected and honored.

He said as strong as the struggle against Corruption is, Nigeria seems to be a seat for corruption but it doesn’t stop the fight because on the long run if Nigerians come together for this cause, the disease will be a thing of the past.

Brekete Family.

An unidentified man called in on the program to thank the Brekete Family and the Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah on the good job he is doing. His brother was involved in a ghastly accident and the FRSC officials did a credible job by taking him to Kubwa General Hospital but unfortunately, he passed on about an hour after surgery.

The caller explained that he would not blame the hospital management for the loss because there were just two (2) Doctors with so many patients to attend to. He then called on the Federal government to employ more qualified hands in the various Hospitals and even build more so that death rates will reduce.

NIPR Representative; Mr Stanley Ogadigo.

Nigerian Institute of Public Relations was represented by its FCT Spokesperson, Mr. Stanley Ogadigo. He acknowledged the frantic efforts of the Ordinary President towards problem- solving. He stated that, indeed the Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah is an exemplary leader.

He announced the Organizations’ 2019 Conference slated to hold from 5th -7th November, 2019. Theme: The Leadership Question search for 21st-century leaders. The reason for the program is to help the leaders get the strategies of leading right.


  1. I really appreciate how u have save so many lives by solving their problems! It only Allah that will b able to reward you! I look forward on you to help me out too, I stay in Bauchi state


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