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Every individual is created with purpose and inasmuch as we are alive, it is pertinent to impact. Impacting in this context implies that you are able to affect or touch something to improve its standard and in the real sense of it you are fulfilling a purposeful part of your existence.

In order to impact, you should imbibe the culture of encouraging people. Be reminded that no man is an island of knowledge; everyone sure has a spring of knowledge they are drawing from and you might be some other people’s spring.

Note that for impact to be a success, you don’t need to be a mediocre who sits back to speak ill and argue unnecessarily over pointless issues instead of acting and being who God made you. Instead, do your best and let your impact be felt. Make things beautiful because of your existence.

Mr. Yekeen; Suleja Hospital Complainant.

Mr. Surajudeen Yekeen who reported the Suleja General Hospital for mishandling his son’s corpse came to the studio to appreciate the Ordinary President and his team for the good job and for supporting him financially and in other aspects. He said he didn’t have a dime but the money catered for his family’s needs and they fed well last night.

As regards the case, a Police officer called him to ask if the burial had taken place and he responded that he can’t bury his child until the case is concluded and he is justified. The caller then told him that if he fails to adhere, he might end up in jail.

He later received a call prompting him to go to the General Hospital as there was a Doctor available who would probably do a post mortem check on the body, he bluntly refused saying, he won’t go because the IG Liaison, SP Salisu Agaisa was yet to give him a go-ahead.

Luck shined on him again as a caller who identified himself as Francis from Norway promised to send N50,000 to him to cushion other needs.

SP Salisu Agaisa.

The SP said he is keeping in touch with the Suleja DPO and the Niger State command and that investigation is on while five suspects are currently in Police custody. He made a reference to the Police who called the complainant that he would face necessary disciplinary action.

Elder Emma Okoro, the Family’s very own Nationalist called in to commend the Ordinary President and the Brekete Family at large. He said that the Federal Government has taken interest in the Yekeen’s issue of mutilation.

He excitedly announced that Hajiya Sadia Umar-Farouq, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management is impressed at the Ordinary President’s laudable effort to restore sanity to the country.

Brekete Family.

The series of discussions during the program were channeled towards poor road networks. Callers from within Abuja and outside called to express their opinions on the state of Nigerian roads.

Mr. Yakub sent a text message and implored the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) to help fill up potholes in Zuba Area of the FCT. Amidst these discussions, there were other callers who complained about the tricycles and the motorcycles.

From their complaints, it is deduced that these carriers are causing more havoc on the highways than expected; some of the riders are reckless and end up causing accidents on the roads.

There is a call to the Federal Government and other Bodies in charge of Transportation to look into the effect these carriers have and what strategy that can be put in place to reduce the havocs recorded to be caused by them.

Brekete Family.

Also, Muhammed Shehu from Mokwa Local government called to report a case of extortion involving the officers of the Nigeria Police, FRSC and the Vigilante group. He said these officials arrest cyclists whose cycles are without registered plate numbers; they then ask them to bail themselves out by paying N10, 000 and failure to do that, the bike is taken to the FRSC office along Jebba road and before Kainji, there they will be made to pay N30,000.

The IG Liaison promised to look into it. Before the end of the program, he got a message explaining to him that the reasons behind the seizing of motorcycles is because there’s a restriction of movement for bikes and their riders at 10 pm.

Muhammed Shehu was then invited to the studio and was asked to come with pieces of evidence to prove his point so that investigation can kick-off.


Inspector Michael Nwewo (rtd) was suspended from the Nigerian Police Force for 25 years as a Corporal because he stood his ground and did not compromise. He was reinstated after he brought the case to the Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah who intervened.

He was then promoted to the rank of an Inspector after which he retired. His retirement means that he is entitled to pensions but at the moment, he has not gotten anything including the arrears that were promised him.

The IG liaison, SP Salisu Agaisa explained that the case is pending because the Ministry of Finance is yet to pay into the Nigeria Police Force’s account but he assured that when it is done, the man will be paid.

The retired Inspector explained in tears that his children are suffering. It is our sincere prayer that his longings will be granted and he will have joy.

Brekete Academy.

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