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Being a leader is very tasking but so many people neglect these tasks and embrace the titles and the honor that comes with bearing the title. The challenge is that no one wants to go an extra mile to do the needful but it is easier to go about bragging about the title you carry.

Like the Ordinary President will say that bearing a title should not let you miss out on the things God has assigned you to do. Being an ordinary man and seeing himself that way but doing extraordinary things implies that he sees himself as being subject to God’s authority.

In order not to misdirect your energies towards acquiring titles, you must be productive and strive to do what is expected of you. As a leader, many people look up to you and it’s your responsibility not to trivialize it. Note that not all leaders are titleholders, some don’t even have anything attached to their names but you find them doing big things and delivering big results.

The goal in leadership is to add value and indelible imprints on the sands of time. Titles are a little over the board and make some people vainly raise their shoulders without any achievement in their names except the acquisition of a much aspired for title or position.

Let the focus change! Being a titleholder is not a bad idea and never will be but the importance attached to it far outweighs what is expected. When you get to that position, do not forget to take up every responsibility attached to the office.

VP Liaison, Mrs. Tukubok Edubio.

The Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo has appointed a liaison officer to the Brekete Family Program. This gesture is laudable because it creates an avenue to direct issues regarding the office of the Vice President to her hoping to get positive results out of it. Mrs. Tukubok Edubio is the Assistant Director of Administration to the Office of the Vice President.

Legal Aid Council Representative.

The Legal Aid Council represented by Mr. Marwan Manava has called out to members of the public who need free legal services to visit the office located at No. 22 Port Harcourt Crescent, Off Gimbiya Street, Area 11, Garki Abuja.

The invitation is opened to those who cannot afford the services of a legal counsel and it is free because it reaches out to those who have been denied access to justice as a result of their financial incapacitation.

Brekete Family.

Safety is the state of being safe or secure from impending dangers. In a thriving society, though every citizen has a role to play to ensure safety, there are trained persons who are more experienced and exposed to the various techniques or principles that guide safety.

These security officials; The Nigeria Police Force, Federal Road Safety Corps and others in this category are duly recognized and appreciated for the active roles they play in protecting lives and properties and even risking their lives during these operations.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) represented by Corps Marshal Muhammed Kabir Abubakar stated the importance of obeying traffic rules and regulations. In Nigeria, especially in commercial cities like Lagos, flouting these rules is the order of the day and it is a result of impatience on the part of the road users.

FRSC Liason.

If road users exercise patience, it is sure that everyone will reach their destinations without a vehicle running into another. The traffic light is there to guide and control vehicle movement on the highways but there are still citizens who err the order.

It is important to have a good attitude and have a rethink on the bad attitude to save not only our lives but the lives of every other road user.

Whilst speaking, the issue of identifying an erring road user was raised and the FRSC liaison officer mentioned that there are solutions put in place to curb the act. He said that is the essence of the FRSC’s campaign against old number plates. When the old number plate is in use, it makes tracing the vehicle untraceable.

Dr. Robert Uzu (alias Dr. Ruzu) suggested that there should be an improvement in the system whereby it is digitalized. Officer Muhammed said that it is very important that number plates are upgraded to the latest one because it captures every detail and it would make tracing it easier.

He expatiated that the institution made provision for vehicle owners to verify the authenticity of their number plates because there are reports of harassments, by some officials at checkpoints that sometimes lead to impounding vehicles.

To get verified, log on to www.nvis.frsc.gov.ng  and as soon as registration is complete, including the process of certifying the proof of ownership, the information is updated.

As insightful as it seems, note that when trouble looms, the investigative officer will have to find out to ensure that there has been no foul play because getting falsified certificates is rampant.

Brekete Family.

To avoid further embarrassments, a VIO official suggested to FRSC that access should be granted as regards the Proof of Ownership. Many private vehicle owners and commercial drivers are usually accused to have stolen the cars they drive because the information on the computer system is not detailed enough to prove the ownership of the vehicle. Though some cases of theft are true, it is going to reduce car theft cases and vehicles can be returned to their owners.

Brekete Academy Student.

Chef Fatima, a recognized facilitator at the Brekete Academy came in the company of some of the students who participated in the Brekete Crispy Crunch Training that held on Saturday, 2nd November.

As they shared their experiences, it was evident that they enjoyed themselves and can boldly say they had value for their money because they are now upgraded and not the same way they went.

Mrs. Isioma said she almost gave up on the training but for the intervention of her three children who broke open their piggy banks to support their mother’s dream.

Also, Mr. Bashir Musa, a staff of the FCT Education Resource Centre was a beneficiary of the program. Despite the nature of his job, his quest for knowledge paved way for him. He said he is an active respondent to Chef Fatima’s culinary training and that very soon, he will take up an advanced class.

Global Food Fest

Chef Fatima’s Global Food Fest in collaboration with Human Rights Radio is just a few days away. The CEO Chef Fatima Nigeria Limited encouraged those who are yet to get their tickets for the upcoming event to do so as it promises to be exciting and fun-filled.

The event will have in attendance artists and comedians from different parts of the country. There will be various dishes to be sampled on that day.

She also called on intending Vendors to maximize the opportunity of showcasing themselves during the event. She added that being a vendor comes easier because there are benefits attached to it. For more information on the Global Food Fest, send INFO to 09010871324.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President who had been absent was received with shouts of joy pervading the studio.  He appealed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs through Elder Emma Okoro that he should do what the entire populace can refer to as credible during his second tenure in office.

If he wants to be remembered well, he should make amends where necessary and see to the release of those who are treated unfairly in other countries. He should strive to put an end to the misappropriation of law on the part of the Foreign Affairs Commission.


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