The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

‘If you don’t know how to claim your right, your right will become your plight’. In essence, it is important to realize that you have the freedom to express your views and be heard. Refusal to do that as a result of fear might render you silent for a really long time and then the said right is infringed upon.

The Ordinary President expounded on the idea of the Brekete Driving School. He said it will be different from the usual system operated by other Driving Schools. The Curriculum will be a blend of the Local and International Standards that will qualify intending participants to be recognized and respected because of the uniqueness that the system has to offer and the excellence it seeks to provide.

The teaching will be very thorough and it will take someone who is ready to get exposed in a clearer way to fit in.

Mr. Monday Emoghavwe (MON).

Mr. Monday Emoghavwe (MON) from Delta State who works with FCT Sports Council is a physically challenged man who represented Nigeria and won Olympic medals.

The Ordinary President explained that the Award, Member of the Order of Niger is an award equivalent to the honor attached to the following offices; the Major general in the Army, the Comptroller General of Customs, the Inspector General of Police, the Director-General of DSS. So in essence, he is fit to bear these titles and be treated with honor but here he is being chauffeured in public transport.

He traveled to Lagos by air through Air Peace and at arrival; he realized his wheelchair was damaged. Due to the urgency of the international meeting he had to attend, he ordered a fairly used one for N54, 000 while the management of Air Peace deliberates on how to get him a wheelchair or give him a refund.

This incidence happened in January and up till now; he is being tossed around over an empty promise of a refund. Mr. Monday explained that the cost of a new wheelchair is about half a million naira (500,000).

His plea and reason for coming is so that the MD of Air Peace is notified and he helps to refund the money because it will go a long way to cater for his family’s needs. He is a three-time Olympic Champion and won 15 Gold medals internationally and several medals locally.

The Ordinary President who was obviously stunned at this man’s strength asked Daniel Ihkille to order an automated wheelchair. He also gave the complainant 1,500 Dollars in cash with a promise that SERVICOM will look into the matter and help him retrieve his money.

Picture of the new Wheelchair.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah expressed how much he values and is proud of Mr. Monday. He then availed him the opportunity to be a guest once a week on the ‘I Dey Gallant’ Program specially created for the physically challenged.

This will be a pointer to others in this category helping them to realize that their disability does not have to limit them. They have many beautiful things to achieve and heights to attain if they don’t let their minds limit them.

SERVICOM Representatives.

Madam Nnenna Akamjemele appreciated the Ordinary president for his kind gesture. She said his heart is made of more than gold. She agreed that the issue is pure service failure and that she is willing to push it further. She will inform the MD of Air Peace and make sure the management apologizes and refund the money.

Mr. Monday expressed his joy and shared that being an Olympiad was one thing he didn’t expect will happen. He is glad he didn’t give up on himself despite his disability. He is also due to graduate from the National Open University of Nigeria.

Barrister Ogo.

The first update was given by Barrister Ogo, a Brekete Family Legal Counsel. She said a woman who had earlier reported the case of her missing child has been summoned to court; a District Court and even sentenced to a Correction Custodial Center in Keffi (Old Keffi Prisons) for twelve days.  

She was alleged to have defamed a particular Chief’s character by accusing him of kidnapping her child and reporting him to the Ordinary President and the Brekete Family. When she received the Court Summon, it was immediately attended to but she got to the court and was served a Direct Criminal Complaint.


The Judge who is suspected to have connived with the Chief sentenced her so she will ‘learn’ a lesson and desist from what she was accused of. The Judge said that it is until the Chief releases the complainant before he lets her go. The Chief, on the other hand, said nobody can appeal to him to let her go.

She also appreciated Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah’s efforts to ensure that people get justice. While explaining, she shared her prison experience and said she decided not to be weighed down during her short-term stay but remained strong which in turn encouraged other inmates.

She described that the Old Keffi prison system is good and it looks more like an improved correction center. It has now come to be that many inmates are there without any proof of their alleged offenses.


It is just appalling the height of injustice on the part of the ones who should uphold law and order in a system operating under a constitutional basis. Mrs. Ogar who is a proprietress from Keffi was hospitalized for over a year at the National Hospital and during that period was unable to pay her landlord for 6 months.

After her discharge from the hospital, she agreed with her husband to move their things from the property with a promise to pay N20,000 monthly until the bill of N350, 000 is cleared.

She was given a court summon and on getting there, she assured the Chief magistrate (Hajia Labaran) of her commitment to settling her debts. Afterward, while still at the hospital, she got reports that some people including Policemen and the Chief broke into their garage and towed her husband’s Mercedes Benz to make it collateral for the debt.

She later had an accident and was in the National Hospital for a couple of months. She was told that her car has been put up for auctioning. Though the car has been retrieved, it has been vandalized.

Brekete Family.

From investigations, it was gathered that those who are involved in intimidating the couple are “Lawyers” who have compromised their career by conniving with those who towed the vehicle for whatever it is they are being offered.

Mrs. Ogar received a letter from an anonymous informant who told her all that has been planned and how they are intending to get rid of her. The writer advised her to keep the ordinary President informed of all the happenings and wrote that the key to the vehicle has been duplicated and she will need to overhaul the vehicle to keep it secure.

He also informed that there are plans to give a thwarted judgment without compensation. All of these were presented before the Ordinary President who has assured that necessary steps will be taken to bring them to their knees.

NIPR Representative.

Mr. Stanley Ogadigo, the Public Relations Officer of Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) announced the 2019 edition of the NIPR Conference scheduled to hold from 5th November to 7th November, 2019.

The theme of the event is The Leadership Question; Search for the 21st Century Leaders and it creates an avenue for participants to understand the importance of leadership in developing a Nation.

The activities for the program have been scheduled in a way that will accommodate every member of the society who wants to be a part. A Professional workshop has been slated for tomorrow to train Public Relations Practitioners.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President reminded listeners and those present in the studio of the need to be careful of fraudulent characters who parade themselves to be bank officials or businessmen in a bid to defraud their victims of their earnings and savings.

A recorded conversation that was played gave more insight into one of the tricks they employ to get their victims looted. They try to play smart so their victim gets to divulge bank account details without suspicion while believing that the caller is a bank worker. A woman in the studio related her experience of how she was defrauded of over N300, 000.


In the same vein, Joseph Edet who claimed to have transferred N4,000 for business said he got a debit alert of over N600, 000 withdrawn from his account and was left with N27,000. He reported the case to Zenith Bank and he was told his account was used for a purchase transaction by an undisclosed person outside Nigeria.

His complaint is that, after being made to write a letter to retract the transaction on the grounds that he was not the one who performed the supposed transaction; the bank is yet to get back to him with claims that the Interswitch Company is yet to approve of it.


Madam Happiness of the Happiness Computers, a dealer in Electronics and other Office Equipment came with complaints that her account was blocked and money is being withdrawn from the account.

When she reported to the Police, she was told that EFCC traced some money to her account and that is the reason for blocking and withdrawing money. The Ordinary President described her as honest and a concerned woman who runs her business without being shady.

The funny thing is how is she supposed to question her customer’s source of money? Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah called the Public Relations officer, EFCC and he asked that she reports to him immediately because EFCC will not do such a thing as withdrawing from accounts.

Despite all that she’s going through, being the strong woman that she is, the business continues and in that regard, she announced that there will be new stocks arriving for sales. Madam Happiness’ contact information is 08180379365.

Presidential Liaison.

Mr. Mfon Udott, the Assistant Chief Information Officer to the Office of the Vice President is the new Presidential Liaison. He described the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo as a passionate man who has the interest of the masses at heart and seeks diverse opportunities to create a rapport with the masses.

Mr. Mfon would compile reports and send to him so he can have a deeper knowledge and insight into the masses’ grievances. Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah showered encomium on the Vice President and prayed that his enemies who are frustrating him in government will not prevail because God is his refuge.


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