The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah

Today in Brekete Family program is dedicated to our members in diaspora and the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah advice the general public to be considerate in dealing with their families and friends in diaspora because life out of one’s country will always depends on the rules and regulation of the said country and it will not be easy to fight for one’s fundamental human rights, so our people in diaspora should be well respected and everyone should understand their plight.

The Brekete Family

The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah gave the members in diaspora to make their complaint known to the members of Brekete Family.

The Brekete Family

A lot of complaint was receive from the diaspora and the Ordinary President promise to help in making sure justice get to them.

A Complainant that came to show appreciation

A call was made to the Brekete Family for all Nigerians to desist from going to Indian hospitals because the Indian medical practitioners were all after the financial gain and not after the well-being of any foreigner in their country.

There was a testimony today in Brekete Family and it was brought by a man that his house was demolished by the officials of FCDA and through the Ordinary President intervention, a new house was given to him back and he came to show his appreciation to whole Brekete Family.


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