The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Has anyone ever thought about the possibilities of Nigeria being on the progress train? While a number of people believe the possibilities, some other ones have written Nigeria off of progress. Well, here’s the Ordinary President’s thought on it and it is believed to be an accepted view.

He is of the opinion that Nigeria is progressing but it’s taking a slow pace. It takes a man with patience to see the growth and development taking place in our dear Country.

Speaking on the importance attached to the Brekete Family Program, Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah stated that the morning program creates an opportunity to educate listeners.

Brekete Family.

Many at times, those who listen to the program are not educated in that chosen area of discourse but in the long run, pursuing knowledge becomes an interesting part of their lives. He said that he is an Anchorman; one that does all he can with his might to achieve results while impacting lives.

He further advised that anyone who is pursuing success should be focused and not mind whatever discouragement that he might encounter on the way, especially from critics. Critics are those who don’t see anything right in whatever step you take to become better.

These people will see the end of your project from the beginning and then discourage you from taking it up. They make you feel less about yourself while seeing their opinions as surpassing yours.

In countering this category of people, keep your gaze fixed on the goal and never relent in your pursuit. If you relent and listen to the naysayers, you end up giving yourself to be mocked by them. But when you remain strong through it, you earn their respect effortlessly.

Brekete Family.

Using the Lion and Woman analogy, he advised listeners to respect their spouses. He explained that women have excesses and it’s important for a man to be ready to tolerate his woman since she is perceived to be a weaker being.  

In marriage no one is doing the other a favor; it is a mutual thing, so respect should not be farfetched. The analogy sheds light on the effect that patience and tolerance have on individuals in a relationship.

A woman who had issues with her husband sought spiritual help from an herbalist who told her to get the saliva of a lion. That sounds impossible! How would she get to tame a dreadful animal to the point of getting its saliva?

This woman eventually found one and as time went by, she related well with the lion and became quite close to the extent that she pats the lion without being hurt. On a particular day, she successfully got the saliva and took it to the herbalist.

She thought he would prepare charm for her but to her shock, he asked her to employ the same method she used in taming the lion on her husband.

Since the program is aimed at proffering solution to societal issues, it admits complainants who have been victimized to share their experiences and possible actions are taken to cushion the effect thus restoring hope to these ones.

Barrister Christy.

Previously, a complainant named Clement claimed to have been intimidated by a Lawyer who helped in securing his late brother’s gratuity from the company he worked while alive. When the case was presented, Barrister Ogo was told to take over the matter and carry out proper investigation.

She was also told to call the accused Barrister and give her an ultimatum for payment. During the program today, the Barrister who was alleged to have refused to pay the money came to the studio to clear the air.

Mrs. Christy Okoye (Esq.) explained that in October 2014, about 10 men came to her office to seek help with claiming their dead relative, Godwin Agbor’s gratuity. She was initially confused because she didn’t know who the next of kin was in particular as they introduced themselves as ‘Kinsmen’ and none of them has his last name as Agbor.

She asked of the deceased’s father and was told he is alive and in the village. They gave his name as Francis Agbor. She attested that one of the first issues that came up was who to pay the money which was later resolved. The company didn’t intend to pay up to 2 million Naira but because of legal intervention, they consented to pay in two installments.


Every effort to see the father proved abortive even when she had to travel to her home town in Cross River State with the intention of seeing the ‘Father’ in a neighboring village. She said that the supposed father insisted that the Payment be made to Clement’s account which she refused on the ground that she would like to see the father in person.

When the complainant and his brother were asked to confirm the story, it was gathered that Mr. David had been impersonating the deceased’s father and he claimed that the man had no access to a mobile phone. How on earth would that be in this time and dispensation?

It was then concluded that the duo, Clement and David had committed a criminal act by implicating an innocent Legal Counsel and conniving to get the money with a false identity. They will be investigated and duly punished.

Mr. Emma Ugboaja of the Public Complaints Commission was of the opinion that the case is treated the right way since it is a criminal act that’s punishable under the law.

Presidential Liaison.

Also, Dr. Jummai and the Presidential Liaison, Mrs. Tukubok Edubio thought in the same manner because letting them go might tarnish the good image that the station represents and it will look more like though the Ordinary President is calling out government officials who have erred, he is compromising his dealings with members of the lower class while aiding and abating their criminal acts.

Of course, this is not the kind of report that will be received but a good name is better than riches and it is that name that is being protected. The Ordinary President detests criminal behaviors and would never promote such. They have been handed over to the Police so they’ll undergo further investigations.


On several occasions, reports have it that Policemen arrest unlawfully and put their victims behind bars in order to be bribed. While many officers deny it, some would claim normalcy over it.

A man reported that his brother and neighbor who is a driver were in Police Custody without committing any offense. The bus was held hostage and was not going to be released until a fine of N10, 000 was paid as requested by the DPO.

The Ordinary President gave the complainant the money to settle them so that they can be reunited with their relatives. The IG Liaison has promised to investigate as there are evidences to prove that Bribery took place.


Bulus Philemon represented 108 workers who were dismissed from a company in Kano. He claimed that up till the time of dismissal, they were owed 11 months’ salary.

Some of those affected are dead and others are languishing in poverty. It is perceived to be a case of Administrative Injustice and the case will be addressed by the Public Complaints Commission.

Francis Enobore, PRO Nigeria Correctional Services.

The mention of the Nigerian Prisons rings a bell and it’s dreaded by many because it is perceived to be a place where criminals are charged to pay for their crimes. Ordinarily, to pay a visit to these ones is somewhat difficult because of the mindset and opinions of the public.

Interestingly, the President, Muhammadu Buhari has approved that the name be changed to ‘The Nigerian Correctional Service’. This is going to take time before many people get to adjust to the new identity because the word “prison” is relatable.

The amazing thing is that asides from the change of name, the system is also improved. So in other words, it is really not a prison service anymore, it is now a place where offenders are corrected and efforts are put in place to integrate them into the society.

The Federal Government put this in place after realizing that these convicts after completing their jail term are not accepted in the society; many of them are not trusted and these acts might push them deeper into crimes.

Brekete Family.

Some of them even while in jail form a clique with their fellow inmates with the opinion that since society won’t be accepting them, they would accept themselves and continue their crimes. Of course, these people’s lives end up being worse than it was before they were sentenced to jail.

The effort put to this effect by the government is to ensure that they are accepted and well equipped for the outside world. Some of them while in the Correctional Centers bag their degrees and do profitable things with their lives like acquiring skills.

The Comptroller of Corrections and Public Relations Officer at the Nigerian Correctional Service, Francis Enobore gave detailed information on the change that comes with the name and the expected results that are much anticipated by members of the public.



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