The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

Leadership is an inborn identity that many people have found very difficult to come in terms with. A lot of people do not even see themselves as leaders; they assume it’s only those who are elected into positions that are leaders. Since you have life and can reason, you are a leader because there are a lot of people who look up to you.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah makes it a daily point of duty to encourage both young and old to adore the potentials they have and not let it lay to waste; they should endeavor to bring out the leadership traits.

One sure thing is that there will be challenges but disciplining oneself will make you come out unscathed.  When things don’t turn out the way you want it to, you can do a self-check and question yourself to know areas where you have not put much effort into achieving expected results.

While you are striving to be the best version of you, you can watch out for financial indiscipline. When you are not disciplined financially, you find yourself buying things you don’t even need and that way, a misplaced priority might creep in.

When you put the unnecessary before the necessary and important things, you end up being lavish in your spending and possibly not get the urgent things done.

Brekete Family.

Note that while discipline is taking place, it is important to grow and aspire to be better. Being conventional with everything might not open desired doors for you; it will end up limiting your dreams and aspirations.

Instead, let creativity be an active tool employed by you while presenting and promoting your products and service(s). To be creative, you should be busy with growing intellectually you will discover better ways of doing things.

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. The union is expected to be blessed with children who would be taken care of by both parents. It is expected of both partners to do their things devoid of a third party. A third party’s presence in a marriage might reduce the chances of the marriage’s survival.  

Couples should derive pleasure in confiding in each other instead of acting on an outsider’s report especially when it is intended to defame a partner’s character. There should be room for radical trust in a marital relationship.


Edebeatu Chizoba is a victim of third party influence. She was married to Michael Amaefuna until June 4th, 2017 when members of his family including his mother accused her of being diabolical and that she had bewitched Michael.

She tried all she could to prove her innocence but it was all to no avail. In the long run, Michael asked her to leave his home that he was no longer interested in the marriage. As an orphan, she had no parents to run to except her uncles who had nothing positive to offer except encouraging her to leave the house.

The Ordinary President at this point eulogized all mothers especially those who are alive and are struggling to give their children the best. He highlighted the roles of a mother and tagged her as one of the best gifts a child can receive from God.

He then encouraged that everyone should make it a mandate to care for their mothers and fathers with everything possible as this will call forth blessings. If Chizoba’s parents were alive, they would ensure that the issue is resolved and not agree to her leaving the marriage.

Brekete Family.

About two years after sending her packing with their daughter, Michael went back to her uncles to retrieve the bride-price. She, on the other hand, had moved from Owerri to Abuja to put up with her Aunt who is now late.

So she’ll not be idle and because of the responsibilities of taking care of her 4 siblings and daughter, she went back to Owerri to seek a job through a friend of the estranged husband who had earlier offered to help to secure accommodation.

Barely a week after moving into the rented apartment, she was asked to move out. At this point, she went back to the friend’s house and was accommodated there until her daughter was brought in from Abuja where she had been with Chizoba’s sister.

The next day, Michael resurfaced and took the 3-year-old girl away with warnings that Chizoba was only permitted to see her in school once a month.

Liaison Officers.

The Ordinary President appreciated the Liaison Officers representing different parastatals in the Brekete Family. He encouraged them to keep up the good and enviable work they are doing to restore sanity to the Country.

While speaking, SP Salisu Agaisa informed the house on the progress of the investigation involving Policemen who received bribe from a complainant whose brother and neighbor were remanded unlawfully.

The N10, 000 bribe has been recovered and the officers involved are undergoing a thorough investigation to that effect. The Nigeria Police is making effort to sanitize the Country of every mess and the cleansing is starting from the Men of the Force.

Brekete Academy.

Brekete Academy provides opportunities for members of the public who have a desire to upgrade and be empowered. Enrolling for any of the training gives you an upper hand in the society and opens you to the world of financial independence.

Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah is used to saying that no one should wait until when things go awry before opportunities are embraced. In fact, it might be late at that time so it is best now that there are different plates on the table; all that’s expected of you is to pick one and enjoy learning from the best set of individuals who have gained expertise in their different fields.

Below is the list of the scheduled training for November. For further information, check the Brekete Academy website

  1. Satellite Installation Training: 08170922532
  2. Organic Skin Care Training: 08092897290
  3. ICT and Networking Training: 08035303418
  4. Rugs and Throw Pillows Training:  09092822333
Students of the Brekete Academy.

One of the amazing opportunities attached to this training is that successful participants are encouraged and supported the moment they begin to get personal contracts. The facilitators in charge follow students up and serve as mentors in that area.

The students are also opportune to share their experiences at the studio to prove to the world what knowledge they gained. In the studio today, some of Lady Duvet’s students were around to share exciting testimonies and to encourage people to learn and be better.

Global Food Festival.

Human Rights Radio in conjunction with Chef Fatima presents The Global Food Fest scheduled for 9th November, 2019. Interestingly, celebrities like Teni and Faze will grace the event to spice things up for participants. Tickets are still up for sale. It promises to be exciting!

Guess what! Tickets for children below 11 years old are sold with 50% off the usual price. There promises to be lots of eating and samplings of various cuisines, dancing and lots more.

Also, the Man of the people, Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah will be there. It’s really going to be an amazing experience.  For further inquiries on tickets and Vendor participation, call 09010087124.

Beautiful Shoes.

The Ordinary President in his benevolence empowered Suleiman Sadiq who is a fashion designer and diversifies in both male and female wears. Amazingly, he made the beautiful outfit worn by the Ordinary President today amongst other credible designs.

He also empowered Louis and Stephen who are shoemakers. They have really beautiful designs to their credit. This single act of generosity is to encourage them to do more than they are doing at the moment.


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