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 A saying goes thus, ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Proper planning is used by many as a yardstick to measure success. You ask what the correlation is and you are told that the moment you make a decision to plan ahead, you are a success already because planning signifies your preparedness.

That implies that no matter what is expected, good or bad, you are prepared to face it without being hit or thrown off balance.

Also, for those who do not even have plans on how to expand their dreams, note that it is very okay to start small. You know that ‘little drops of water make a mighty ocean’ so it doesn’t matter how you start, what is important is the energy and perseverance you put into making the dream spring up.

As you strive to succeed, shut your ears to pessimists who would water down your ideas.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah.

The Ordinary President, Dr. Ahmad Isah appraised Complete Package for being committed to her duty. He quoted that ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better if she’s committed to doing it’.

Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude to all Brekete Family members all over the world for supporting his vision and contributing immensely to make it a reality. He declared that ‘ a leader might be able to do things on his own without help but when he has good people around him, working together to achieve same feats, the results will come faster than expected’.

The success of every leader is dependent on the people around him. He also advised listeners and viewers to increase their productivity during the day.

Trust is important in any human relationship, in the absence of trust, what is existing is just casual and non-relational. As good as it is to trust, there should be a limit to it.

The word ‘limit’ in this context implies that there should be a benefit of the doubt at some point. There should be that time for review so you will be sure to be on the safe side too.


Mrs. Dorcas Samuel, a businesswoman from Kogi State was arrested, taken to Imo State and put in custody for 6 weeks without any legal charge.  She explained that her friend Grace Ojonugwa introduced her to a business that will involve her giving out loans with a 10% interest in return.

The scheme flourished for years until one day in 2018 when Dorcas was confronted by her husband and he told her to hand over the business on Grace’s order. Meanwhile, he has been nursing the idea of quitting the marriage.

He eventually told her that he was tired of the marriage and that he would be willing to give her the divorce papers to sign whenever she was ready. This didn’t go well with her as she never envisaged it.

On 12th March, 2019, her friend, Grace came to her house with a Lawyer who asked that they all go to Lokoja, the state capital to sign an undertaking. The undertaking has it that she would pay up whatever she’s owing by July,2019.

About ten days after her trip to the Lawyer’s office, Grace was in the company of four Police Officers who insisted that she follows them to her (Dorcas) father’s house. On getting to the father’s house, he was not at home. Then they headed to Owerri where she was asked to write her statement, after writing, an officer looked through it, slapped her and tore the report.

Brekete Family.

She was abused and made to write another where she was indicted of several criminal acts like fraud. The worse of these was that she was accused of possessing charms in her body. At this point, a female officer was asked to carry out a check on her which she did. Through all of these, she was intimidated, abused and treated unfairly; ranging from being slapped, beaten to being kicked while on her knees.

Unknown to her, her husband was involved in extra-marital affairs with her own sister and his niece who were living with them. She stated that on several occasions, the ladies called to tell her they wanted to leave the house as a result of the abuse meted on them by their ‘uncle’.

She happens to be the one feeding the family while the husband does nothing to contribute financially but does so well at sponsoring his promiscuous acts.

In the long run, while she was in Police custody in Owerri, it was realized that her husband was the one who informed her friend and framed her up that she had intentions of running away with the money.

Brekete Family.

On a later day, she was told to secure her bail with a sum of N500, 000. Every effort to get to the root of the matter was abortive. Her father was also put in custody because he came for her bail.

The husband said for her to be released, she would need to forfeit Documents meant for her family house. It was later agreed that she’ll be bailed with N150,000 which she paid and was made to sign an undertaking requesting that she pays the sum of 10 Million Naira by August 10th.

After her release, she moved to Abuja to stay with her sister. While in Abuja, she got reports that her parents were embarrassed and disgraced by Policemen who went with Grace to their house; they were handcuffed and made to report at the Police Station on a motorcycle. At the moment, her parents’ house has been taken from them and they have been denied access while her husband still threatens to kill her.

Brekete Family.

This issue evoked a lot of speculations about Officers of the Nigeria Police Force. First is their inability to desist from taking bribes. Secondly, they should treat human beings with respects and not condemn them when they have not been condemned.

The Ordinary President frowned at the recent cases involving Policemen and asked the IG Liaison to take it up from there with believes that as usual, he’ll deliver excellently.

As regards the Policemen and their disposition to their duties, they shouldn’t be blamed all the time because most times, they run short of operational costs and that renders them incapable to deliver excellently.

While some of them are guilty as accused, there are still the very truthful ones who would stand for the truth against all odds. It is the responsibility of the Federal Government to see that these people are properly taken care of and treated with respect else they will continue to vent their anger on the ordinary citizens and that will give way or room for more criminal acts.

Brekete Family.

Suggestions were raised in regard to Police uniforms; one of which is that an officer on duty should ensure he has his name tag on so that identifying an erring officer will be easy.

The Ordinary President who spoke in defense of these gallant men said that sometimes they are not always negligent at their duties but are most times limited by resources and manpower. Many of them are not being paid their entitlement and if that lingers, bribery will continue.  

Their welfare should be upgraded; many of them are languishing in poverty and are not buoyant enough to attend to their immediate needs. The family members of those who died during active service are not attended to properly. Retirees find it difficult to access their gratuity and when efforts are made to sort it out, they are made to go through difficult processes without it being resolved.


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