The Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah and Comfort Okpere

There was an emergency in the studio today; a woman fainted in the Brekete Family program and the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah made a call to Director General FCT Emergency services to make a quick response and that was done immediately and the Ordinary president shower encomium on the way government is responding to peoples need. The proactive nature of Federal Government was highly appreciated.

The Ambulance taking the Woman to Hospital by FCT Emergency Unit

The Ordinary President gave an advice to the parents and guardian to take advantage of all the training offered by Brekete Family Academy because idleness makes the children to have negative thinking.

The DG SERVICOM and her colleague

The Ordinary President intimate the general public concerning the GMO debate that was scheduled to be done tomorrow which is 10th of April, 2019. The DG SERVICOM made a presentation and she introduced the representatives of the Nigeria Civil Security and Civil Defense Corps also made a presentation and make a public awareness on issues concerning their function and the difference between their functions and that of Nigeria Police.

The Nigeria Custom retiree that has pension issues with PTAD

A retiree of Nigeria Customs made a complaint about how his pension was not paid by the government organization in-charge of pension called PTAD and the Ordinary president made a call to the PRO Nigeria Customs and he immediately order for the man and promised to act on the issue.

The representatives of Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps

A lot of complaint was presented to the Brekete Family and the Ordinary President channeled all to the appropriate government agencies.

The Brekete Family

Two visually impaired men in need of help came to the program and the ordinary president in his magnanimity promised to help them, they were very happy and people shower praises on the Ordinary President because it is very rare for such things to happen in this country.


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