Talk magazine show that tackles human right issues.

Our dear Mr. Suleiman Abdulrazak aka Akramakallah starts the program with the absence of the Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah and he gave an advice to imitate the life of our Ordinary President Ahmad Isah that passed through a lot of hardship in life but eventually sail through because of his perseverance and refusal to give up because loosing hope in life is more of a disaster to life itself.

He later opened the the telephone line for all our Brekete Family members in diaspora and everyone who has one complaint or another.

A woman called from France to complain about the way she was maltreated by French police .

A lawyer representing Shepherd house Assembly International came to donate for our lady from Madonna University

Brekete Family ambassador from France aka Potopoto called and gave advice on the unity of we Nigerians. A caller from Russia made a plea on behalf of the students on scholarship that are stranded in Sudan.
A caller also called on the issue of land grabbing in Lokoja, Kogi State.


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