Talk magazine show that tackles human right issues.

Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah starts the program with sermon on “Patriotism”, he emphasized that it takes religious minded person to be patriotic. He reiterated that it’s based on coming together to build our nation, he also gave an analogy on ways we can be patriotic human being.

Later, he read a letter sent from Viscount Co-operative Society based on members money yet to be refunded.

The representatives of Public Complaint Commission (PCC) was introduced and also the representatives from INEC.
There was an update from the woman that was unlawfully dismissed from CBN.

INEC gave the Brekete Family an update on the issuance of PVC and the procedures for voting was thoroughly dissected.
Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah made a call to a woman to ascertain some anomalous observed on the issuance of PVC.

The case of Mrs Boniface which her husband had an accident on duty as an envoy in Sudan was discussed and the Ordinary President stressed that we should change our impression about Nigeria Police.
The case of the man that was unlawfully dismissed from NYSC was also discussed.

The representatives of Topnotch Learning Center was introduced due to the performance of their students in ICAN exams.


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