Talk magazine show that tackles human right issues. The Brekete Family program which is tagged:AntiCorruption/whistleblowing day was anchored by our amiable Mr. Suleiman Abdulrasaq a.k.a. Akramakallah and he advised Nigerians by preaching unity amongst each and everyone of us.

A prayer session was organized for the victim of attack in front of Human Rights Radio. 38:05 sec The Brekete Family resource persons was duly introduced. 49:00 sec The lady that was stripped of OSU dynasty gave her testimony. 1:08:40 sec Madam Jumai of FCT call center called into the program based on her fish farming training.

1:22:20 sec Daddy Polycarp called into the program and gave an update on their benefit not paid but clarify that verification exercise is about to start. 1:33:15 sec And some cases treated to end the program. 1:54:15 sec


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