Today’s program started with celebration, jubilation and thanking God for saving the life of the Vice President of Nigeria Prof. Yemi Osinbajo after his helicopter crashed en-route a function in Kogi State

11:30 sec If you have a negative energy, you cant survive me; Negative energy is infectious. The ordinary President advises to be positive and always have a high self esteem

26:45 sec The case of a six years old deaf boy, Imran who was allegedly sexually molested in his school, Abuja school for the deaf Kuje. The case unravel many evil perpetrated by some evil doers in the school, Nigerians react

46:46 sec Watch as the grandmother and the mother of the deaf boy narrated the whole pathetic story according to what he described to them, tears in our eyes.

59:53 sec Reaction from Nigerians home and abroad 1:26:26 sec Ordinary President Dr. Ahmad Isah, The voice of the voiceless 1:43:09 sec Payech, buy now pay later 1:58:05 sec The program ended with hope to get justice for the poor deaf boy and his parents.


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